Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Omaha Beach

Amecican Cemetary, Normandy France, right above Omaha Beach


kaliulka said...

Hi Honeys--checking the picture of Omaha Beach. Of the few battle fields I have seen, isn't it always so ironic how peaceful these places seem when so much horror occurred there? Thanks for the sobering photos.

mielikki said...

Well, these pictures were right for this week, as it was the anniversary of D day a few days ago. I loved going to Normandy. Want to go back.

CamiKaos said...

the serenity is almost creepy

David in DC said...


kaliulka said...

david...can you clarify or elaborate? You must be glad you are just checking in.

mielikki said...

CK- Omaha beach, and the American Cemetary were really beautiful, and serene. I was glad for that. That beach has seen so much bloodshed. Many battles have actually been fought there. The french call it "the beach of blood."
DiDc . . .!
Kali- If I am correct, DiDc is following the "wordless wednesday" credo by commenting without words. Its nice to know he visits!

David in DC said...

It's Saturday morning here so I guess I can speak now.

Mielikki has it exactly right.