Thursday, October 25, 2012

sick sick sick

I had this whole, well, kind of whole, rambling post written about how we have all had the flu this week. But as I was typing another sentence about retching and vomit I decided that perhaps it could all be left unsaid.
     Suffice it to say that we've all had it now. We've been living in our pajama's, on crackers, cream of wheat, ice, and 7 up. Work was missed, and the house is a disaster. Blankets scatter each of the pieces of furniture, and many many naps have been taken.
    We're all on the mend, today we are closer to our usual activities. Looking forward to taking MB to the preschooler trick or treat event that our down town area hosts every year. I'm hoping that not every treat they hand out involves candy, because he doesn't really eat candy at this point. Maybe I'm taking him to the wrong kind of event for that expectation, but it IS geared for preschoolers, so I have some hope that someone down there will be giving out the treat bags of teddy grahams or something similar. We haven't really committed to whether or not we're taking him out Halloween night or not. We have friends with school age kids that we usually go walk around with, just for the fun of it. Last year MB was only 4 months old. We went for a short while, and he hated it, because it was cold, and he was in a dark stroller. MM ended up carrying him most of the time. Now that he is walking, and much more interactive, he might enjoy being out, and seeing some of the decorated houses. If we go, I can even send him to a few doors I guess. I don't know. I'll see how the weather is, and what his mood is like. If we got trick or treaters here I'd be perfectly happy to stay home and see all the kids that way...
So, anyone else got any good Halloween plans?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

slow down!!!

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What you see above is Mustang Boy's first attempt at a blog post. Unfortunately, he got to banging away quite emphatically, and had to be removed from the scene before my laptop met an unfortunate, toddler fueled demise.
      He is, now, a bona fide, full blown, toddler. Toddling. Running, grabbing everything within his reach. He has a very strong opinion of what he is (or isn't) going to eat. He is starting to have some words. Ball is the first, and his favorite. He mimics the cadences of our voices, I am working hard on getting him to say Trick or Treat!, but I don't think he's quite ready for that one, yet.
For Halloween, he is going to be a football player. Specifically, a 49'er.  We are taking him to a small down town trick or treat function that is especially for the small children. He is not a candy eater, (would be if we let him probably, but I am not in a hurry to let him have tons of sugar) so it doesn't matter what he gets while he's participating.
     Thankfully, he still enjoys a good afternoon nap, and he sleeps in until about 9:30 ish every morning. My new job being the night shift on call for our local hospice is WONDERFUL. It's the closest I will ever get "working from home" as a nurse. Some nights are busy as all get out, and some nights? I barely get any action. Whatever kind of night I end up having, it still gives me much more time at home than I have ever had. AND, I'm more rested, because I get some sleep, every night! So I feel like I'm present with him, not some night shift zombie Mama. It's pretty sweet.
      And Mustang Girl.
We won't even talk about all the changes underway. She's over 18, she's in college, an "adult",
Holy Hell.
It's just too fast!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear 16 year old self

(MM did it, and I kind of liked it so I am swiping it. I know, it's been done by many others...)

     Dear 16 year old me

     Don't worry. You won't have acne your whole life. I promise. Now get up and go wash your face.
Do me another favor? Go talk to some of those people you're too shy to talk to right now. They grow up to be some pretty good people, you'll come to find out. They aren't better than you, they don't really think they're better than you, and they could use some more friends too.
     Now, don't freak out, but you are going to join the Navy.
Yes, really. Now get off the floor. It's going to be awesome, for the most part. Pay attention to the lessons in life that Dad is trying to impart to you, they'll come in very handy. Very quickly. Don't worry about guys so much, you'll get your chance. Don't be afraid to love, either. Just know that it might not end very pretty, but the whole process of it? Wonderful, and life altering.
     You're going to go through some shit. I won't lie to you. Just keep your head up, and stay true to yourself. You're stubborn as hell, and truthfully?? You could dial some of that stubborn back a notch. Stick to your guns, and do what you want to do, and remember, it's better to be happy alone than miserable with someone else. That's a lesson we kind of learn the hard way, but it all works out in the end.
      Someday, you're going to find yourself with a blog, a nice, albeit messy house, 2 cats, a bunch a fish, a job you didn't know you wanted but like anyhow, and best of all, an incredible family. Hold onto that thought, and do what you have to do to get there. I promise, it's worth it.
Now go clean your room :)