Wednesday, August 10, 2016


     Batten down the hatches, MB is starting school. If I thought 4 years flew by, then 5 years (and some change, now) went in a nano-second. It's crazy. He becomes more self sufficient every day. This week alone he's discovered he can have a "faux hawk" with hair gel, he can pour his own milk, and he can reach the top shelf of the refrigerator when he's on his step stool. Might seem like little things, but to him, these are HUGE!
     He also watches some of the Olympics. (Though 3 days in he's over it for now). Swimming caught his eye, and he's been cheering for Michael Phelps whenever he sees him. He reports to me when he grows up, he's going to build robots, be an Olympian, (in archery no less) and he's going to be a Daddy. (He's decided that 3-4 kids is more feasible than 10).  He's not quite sure what the "baby dance" is, but he says he will do it if it means he will have kids (hahahahahahahahahahaha).
     He is also starting soccer sometime in the next few weeks. I predict we are going to have one worn out kid, very soon here.