Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time flies

when you're not having fun?

Not to flog a subject to death, but dang.
We got a ton. AGAIN!
And that generator?
Died . 8 whole hours into a four day power loss. DIED. As in, not able to function.
I am so seriously ready for spring!
Then, glory be, last night the power came on. And all were happy. Except, I was at work. I came home, to enjoy my electricity, only to lose power again half hour after I got here.
Damn and blast!
But its back, again.
I hope it stays.
And the sun is out, the 5 plus feet of snow is melting,
I am feeling Mustang Boy move more and more..
Bring on the Spring.
This is spring, right?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

update, anyone?

Well I suppose I could actually update on Mustang Boy, couldn't I?

I am still just making myself take this pregnancy day by day, thinking too far ahead hurts my brain too much, and I get too excited, and, truthfully, kind of scared of the whole being in labor thing...
I am getting a bit rounder, spreading out more. The baby movement is starting to be felt, sporadically, though he gave me some pretty good kicks right below the belly button the other night when I was changing position. We had a check up the other day, and all was fine. For once, Dr. D was able to find his heartbeat without the little Rascal hiding!
What hasn't been so much fun is the joint and sciatic pain from all the Relaxin my body is releasing, to make things, well, Relax.
Its not just the uterine ligaments that react, apparantly. Geez. Pain has become a frequent companion, and finding a comfortable position to sleep in is still kind of an issue.
On the plus side, I got a new 'easy chair'. Its called "The Beast". I LOVE IT.
I sleep in it very comfortably, frequently. Just naps, though...
Oh, and we found the cutest onesie for him the other day, it has a picture of Pig Pen on it, and it says "I blame my parents". I had to have it! Its awesome and I cannot wait to put him in it.
I am still emotional, and hormonal. I vacillate between tears and anger fairly frequently, especially if I am takes very little to make me cry, too, I've had to start being careful what news I watch on TV. The whole Japan thing is still just KILLING me.
And so is the NEVER ENDING SNOW.
It has snowed every freaking day this week. We've got at least a 2 foot accumulation, again.... I WANT SPRING!!!!! NOW!!! But we do have power, and joy of joys, MM found a very affordable generator for us, we should be getting it this week sometime. YAY! But I am still desperate for some sunshine....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, well. Really.

It seems I've missed my bloga-versary thingy.

I've been doing this, albeit somewhat sporadically lately, since March 12, 2007.
So much has happened since I sat down and created that blog while I was watching a DVR of the Craig Ferguson show.
Back then I was single, dating on and off, (mostly men who obviously didn't make the cut), and looking forward to spring.
Now look at me.
Still looking forward to spring.
Knocked up.
Living in sin with the best man I could have ever hoped to have fallen in love with, (and not remotely sorry about that) and his kick ass daughter who might as well be my own, in a house that WE bought together.
I'd say I've landed in a pretty good spot.
So happy late blogaversary, you poor, neglected blog.
I doubt I'll remember it next year, either...

Friday, March 11, 2011

I have a Sad....

Most of you know that I lived in Japan for two years.

It was my first duty station when I enlisted in the Navy.
Living there was wonderful. Its a beautiful country. Working on that tugboat for two years was a blast.
Taking the crowded trains around the area, seeing the sights, visiting other small towns on the coast. Going to Disneyland where all the zombies in the haunted house were Caucasian, and the whispering Japanese completely unnerved you. Until you went back into the park and listened to "Its A Small World" over and over again in Japanese....
Crowded Tokyo, with its hoards of people, and shopping, and restaurants, and hoards of people...
Kamakura with its ginormous Budda,
The Black Ship festival we spent a week at, "celebrating" the first landing of an American on Japanese shores... (some of the Japanese are still questioning THAT move).
Fuji, in all its glory
the awesome food, especially Gyoza! and Yakisoba!. Standing on the street eating Yakitori from a Yakitori stand, and drinking Asahi beer. And, believe it or not, the freshly made "Stick dogs" (Corn Dogs) that were made in a small shop directly across from the Yokosuka base. (I wonder if they are still there)
Drinking sake with the JN's (Japanese Nationals) that came to our annual picnic on the base. They drank the American Beer, we drank the sake. Fair trade. The baseball games were fun, too.
The usually mild and awesome weather. The cute little school girls trying on make up in McDonalds.
I could go on and on.
But I'm in tears, a little.
Maybe a lot
Devastation is hard. Earthquakes, Tsunami, fires.
I've spent a long time thinking about Japan, today...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I now officially call bullshit

a long while back ago, probably close to a year, I read this blog post written by a young lady who was a student nurse, and pregnant.

She opined, at that time, that being a mother made one a better nurse.
I am not going to link to that, or her, because, frankly, she wasn't open enough back then to acknowledge my comment on her blog that (gently) begged to differ. It could have been an opportunity for a very interesting conversation. Her loss.
But now, here I am, a year later. (ish). Pregnant.
Am I a better nurse because I am having a biological child?
No. Do I expect I will be after Mustang Boy is born?
A good nurse is just that. A good nurse. Compassion doesn't suddenly become a part of your personality when you have a child. My compassion for my patients did not change when I began to co-habitate with MM, and MG, either.
I am readressing this now because for some reason I was thinking about this as I was (attempting) to fall asleep last night. It obviously still bothers me. For the first time in a long time I went and looked at the young lady's blog. She is a wife of a military man, and a mother (obviously). She still hasn't completed nursing school, or taken her boards. Life happens, I understand that.
I hope, if and when she begins her practice as a nurse, she realizes that childbearing does not beget good nursing or compassion...
In the meantime, I do, officially, call bullshit, in every capacity...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back in the land of the living

Whew, this winter is really a hot mess! Or, a cold mess? Yes. Cold mess.

My standing joke is that every year, for my birthday, I get weather. Being born in February, thats a given. I actually don't really mind.
This year was not an exception. MM took me out for a nice dinner, and as we were sitting at this cute table by a warm fireplace, the big, giant flakes of snow started to fall. And continued to fall.
We knew this storm was coming. We knew that a shit ton of snow was going to fall. On top of the shit ton of snow we'd gotten the week before.
Even with the shit ton the week before, we lost power, but only for a day. I now think a day is a short amount of time. Sigh.
This fresh storm, though, was very like the November one. Down trees. Unplowed roads, people everywhere freaking out. And, even MORE people in our community lost power, meaning PGE was spread very thin.
So. No power. This time Thursday-Sunday night. We got a hotel room right away this time, because I knew I needed hot, running water. We had to stay there until last night, because the plowing people? Left a five foot berm at the foot of our driveway.
Now, Roxie is a bad ass jeep. BUT, even she has her limitations.
I am SO glad to be home now. And yes we are getting a generator. However, the people that sell them totally price gauge during the winter, so we will wait, so that we can get it for the RIGHT price this summer. I don't want to spend more than we have to.
On the baby front, we finally, in the midst of the storm, got our amniocentesis results. The baby is chromasomally perfect. And he's also still a boy, we are 100% sure now. Big giant sighs of relief. It was very good news to hear.
The debate of names continues....