Thursday, February 16, 2012

full circle

This blog started off with me bring a single woman, in an apartment, with three cats. Hey, don't judge. I was pretty happy. As time passed, I met MM, his daughter, his family, friends. We dated. We moved in together. We bought a house, made it a home. We got our beautiful surprise, mustang boy.
Today is the half way point between our birthdays. And now?
Its also our wedding anniversary.
I am Mrs. Mustang, now....
We've come so far.....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy busy

So, once I was hired, no grass grew under my feet at my new job.
Last week, they had me all set up to go and do all the HR paper work, and when I got there, they kind of sprung on me that I was going to be orienting to the inpatient side, starting THE NEXT DAY, and every day that week
how about a little warning?
I had to (gently) explain to them that I needed to have a talk with my friend who graciously has agreed to watch MB while I am working during the day (temporarily) and that she was not available that NEXT DAY. So I worked it out, and was there 3 days last week, will be there 3 days this week, then 4 days next week. Then, I am working "for real". After a few weeks of that, I am going to go orient to the other side, the outpatient side of Hospice, and into the job I was hired for, which is night shift, on call. That means that I will be at home, and for 3 nights a week, if a hospice patient needs advice or to see me, they'll call me. If the situation is dire enough, I'll go out and see them. So basically, I'm going to be paid to stay home, and go out as needed. I think its pretty great. I'm sure I'll be going out plenty, but that's fine. It still gives me time at home with MB,  AND an income. An the workplace isn't toxic, like the one I just left....
So far, I am still really stoked about the job, I've already learned a lot, and I'm looking forward to making this job my own....
On the home front, things are good. I miss being home with MB every day, but I realize that's temporary. I have a good, trusted friend looking after him for me, and he is having fun with her and her children. Mustang Girl is flying through her senior year, and MM is continuing his quest to become a nurse as well...
how are all of you?:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

that rocked!


I got it!

That interview was SO GOOD. The Hospice facility is so beautiful, and the work they do there? Awe inspiring. I ended up wanting that job even WORSE after I finished the interview and toured the facility. I felt comfortable, and at home, and, less than 2 hours after I left the place, they called me with an offer better than what I was hoping for.
I landed a full time position, they are going to train me up so that I will be very able to handle all the hoopla, AND they are going to pay me!
I feel lucky and blessed and I know I traded up for sure on the job front!
I totally CAN have all that happiness I've been seeking!
I'm more excited about this job than I have been about any other. I think it's good for me, my family, and my soul.
I love it when a plan works out. I need to listen to my gut more often!
And of course, my wonderful MM. Who was telling me the whole time that things were going to be okay, and I'd get it :)
So, onward we go, into new, fabulous territory!