Monday, July 16, 2012

Its like dating, again

My work hours at the hospice facility are kind of challenging. I knew that going into the job.  What complicates things is that on the days I work, I have to be at the office by 4:30 in the afternoon. Now, with MG here, that's do-able. The beginning of the shift is the busiest, I'm usually doing stuff until around 6 pm, then, I come home and field phone calls, and go out if I am needed until 8 am the next day. MM gets home between 5:30, and 6.
And so, the conundrum
when MG does leave, who is going to be home to manage the small child?
I don't know any local kids that I would want to come. The lady/friend who was watching him while I oriented to my job has since moved away. My family is not close enough.
So, I did what every one does these days.
I went online.
Specifically, ""
and to my surprise, I have 2, very viable people contacting me, to watch him 2-3 times a week from 3-6 pm, in our home
One is a single mother, EMT qualified, who has a boy 1 month older than MB. This is great, because he'd have a friend to play with, and she gets little boys. She has to, right, her boy is still alive and walking... My slight hitch is this. What happens when her boy gets sick? I know, I know. MB is going to get sick eventually, too. But still.
The other lady is a grandma type who watches her grandbabies. Also boys. But she wouldn't be bringing them here, they are much older than MB. This appeals to me, too. Her kids are raised and successful, and she obviously likes kids.
I'm meeting them both this week. Not at my house, not yet. To get a feel for them. Because I am already kind of torn.
Its totally like going on a date. Kind of. Sort of.
I hope one of them is a toad so it makes my choice easier.....

Saturday, July 7, 2012


We did it. We've managed to get MB to his first birthday. With all of his fingers and toes intact. And most of our sanity....
He's got 4 teeth, with a fifth one on it's way. He stands up without holding onto anything, (looks kind of like a meer cat when he does it.) He's going to walk soon. He's in the 95th% for height and 15% for weight. Skinny little string bean! We're thinking basketball....
His eyes are this really cool shade of hazel-grey. MM says they are just like his dad's eyes. Even the pediatrician was stumped about what color to call them.
He still has a sunny, laid back personality, even when he's teething. He can be a bit of a drama king if he's not getting what he wants, and he likes nothing better than to bang away on our computers or phones, already. Anything electronic seems to lure him in. I have visions of coming home and finding that he's dismantled the toaster someday. Probably soon.
The last year has been so much fun. So many changes, with both him, and everything else. But every change was positive, and has worked out for the better of our family. I'm at a really cool place in life, loving every minute of it, and I wouldn't change it for anything...