Thursday, September 18, 2014


When I'm on call for Hospice, I frequently need to leave the house various times to attend to our patients needs. For whatever reason, MB has identified all the people that need my help as "Lola". Every phone call, every visit has been to help Lola.
     I've been on a medical LOA for a few months, now, working on getting my RA under control. But Lola has not been forgotten. Danny frequently talks about her. I think she's evolved into his imaginary friend. But there's always something wrong with her. Today he tells me she's broken her arm,  and has been put in an ambulance, to go to the "hopsidal". He even called her "Lola, Lola! Where are you?"). He spoke to her on his imaginary phone, told her to get well soon, then ran off to find his Lamborghini.
Poor, poor Lola.
I hope someday MB reports to me that you're all better....