Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've always known I have a few Quirks. But now, in this new job, I'm finding one that I always knew was there, I just wasn't really aware of how, well, kind of prominent it seems to be, or can be.
I'm learning that one thing that drives me crazy is knowing that I need to accomplish something, but having to WAIT until it's the right time for me to do it.
Like, I'm going to go make a home visit to someone, and do all the charting and ect. ect., but I CAN'T go do that visit until 1 in the afternoon. Therefore, I can't chart anything, I can't sit here and try and GUESS what medications need to be refilled, I really can't LEAVE for the appointment, (since, say, it's probably only 10 am it only takes me 5 minutes to get to where the silly appointment is...)
So, can I see someone else in that time?
but they all want to see the nurse later in the day, too, they say. Or, not today at all, thank you..
In short, I kind of hate having tasks just hanging over my head. Knowing I need to do something, but yet, I cannot.
And now, I'm back to nights. Sitting with my phone. Waiting for it to ring...
this job may well make me crazy.....
and don't even get me started about the amount of staggering paperwork!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


We are lucky people, all of us.
We live in this wonderful, small town, and for a few years, we've been having a fairly regular, Saturday morning breakfast at a place called Paulette's. We know all the waitresses, and the owners, Paulette and John. When we go there, they basically take MB from us, and he gets a walking tour of the place, going from Paulette to all the waitress' depending on who is busy and who isn't. There is one waitress, Melody, who is a special favorite of MB's. She's even coming to the house for the big summer party! And then there is Paula, who took care of our big table after MG's graduation. She knew we were coming, and had actually gotten a card and small gift for MG. As did Paulette and John. And then there is Jennifer. Her baby girl is a few months younger than MB and we are going to get them together soon for a playdate. Fun! And there's Jessica, who loves MB's clothing choices.... Oh, I could go on and on and on and on...
I LOVE this place, and the people have grown into our hearts. Oh. The food is good, too. Paulette makes the pie herself.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


MB is growing up. Fast. Little bugger is really mobile right now, goes everywhere, gets into everything. Just as it should be.
Problem is, he doesn't know yet what's going to hurt him. Or whats going to hurt something else (like the fish). So, we are now at the age where he is capable of understanding "no". If not the word, then at least the tone.
He caught on fairly quickly, too. And sometimes, he actually stops the behavior. Other times? I have to go make him stop the behavior, which really pisses him off. But he's getting it.... He's also breaking 3 teeth this week, all on the top. He has his cranky moments, but even teething he has a pretty easy going personality.
MG is all graduated now, and today she is down at her JC of choice, taking the placement test. She's moving about 5 hours away from home, to a beach town. I'm excited for her, its going to be a good experience.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time flies

Its been almost a year since Mustang Boy was born,  and lately, that whole birth experience has kind of been flashing before my eyes.
Remembering what it was like to be pregnant, what we were doing this time last year, (I was sitting around on a modified bed rest ish life, trying not to hurt myself again).
He is getting more and more mobile. He's stood up twice on his little legs, not holding onto anything. He's going to be walking soon.
And he eats! Oh, does he eat. Funnily enough, the one food he is consistently rejecting right now are strawberries. He spits them out, every time. He cried this morning when I tried to get him to eat some.
But he loves pieces of tomato. And pickle. And pancakes, eggs, or mostly anything else we're eating. He's a funny kid. The strawberries are even fresh, from a farmers market. Go figure. Maybe he will like them, later....