Tuesday, June 12, 2012


MB is growing up. Fast. Little bugger is really mobile right now, goes everywhere, gets into everything. Just as it should be.
Problem is, he doesn't know yet what's going to hurt him. Or whats going to hurt something else (like the fish). So, we are now at the age where he is capable of understanding "no". If not the word, then at least the tone.
He caught on fairly quickly, too. And sometimes, he actually stops the behavior. Other times? I have to go make him stop the behavior, which really pisses him off. But he's getting it.... He's also breaking 3 teeth this week, all on the top. He has his cranky moments, but even teething he has a pretty easy going personality.
MG is all graduated now, and today she is down at her JC of choice, taking the placement test. She's moving about 5 hours away from home, to a beach town. I'm excited for her, its going to be a good experience.


Daryl said...

Awesome .. congrats to the teether and the MG!!!!!!