Monday, August 12, 2013

I wonder

I'm all for girl power. Empowering young women to know themselves be themselves like themselves.  
I notice, now, though, all the empowerment messages directed at girls, and I wonder...

What about the boys? Aren't they beautiful,  too?
Don't we worry about their self esteem, their sense of worth, their image of the self?
Are we in danger of over correcting, trying to make up for the gender un equalization that is still ever present in society?
As the mother of a boy, I worry about this. I wonder how he's going to perceive this world, and it's messages. I look to my nephews, especially my oldest one, who is a kind, sensitive, friendly 13 year old. He's acutely conscious of how people perceive him. He's not a small kid, by any means. He comes from tall, solidly built stock. He is not fat, just solid. But people, including spiteful school nurses, and skinny, vegetarian doctors belittle him about yet. (Yes, the doctor did. Enough so that it even made my brother in law upset and uncomfortable. ).
I really hope by the time MB gets older, we can gain and maintain equality. All children are loved, accepted, valued. No matter their gender. They can be who they are, without self doubt. They'll love themselves.