Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Very rarely will I post about my job, here. This isn't the place, really, for that.
     Today, however, will be an exception.
Last night, I went to make a visit to see one of our sickest patients. 10 minutes after I got there, she died.
     It's good, really. She was suffering. I was waiting downstairs, giving her family privacy in her last moments. When she passed, her daughter alerted me to the time, with a vocalization that can only be described as keening. Just one, long, emotion packed word.
And I started crying.
Then I pulled myself together, and waited some more, until the family was ready for me to offer my comfort, and do my job.
But I won't forget last night anytime soon....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Here we go...

The toddler stage.
Quickly approaching "the terrible two".
I don't know if I'm ready for this....
     I look back, and think back, with some nostalgia (already!) about when I was pregnant, his birth, and when MB was such a tiny guy, who slept, ate, and pooped.
Don't get me wrong, this is kind of fun, too, the running, sliding, swinging, giggly dirty little boy phase.
But the the high pitched scream when he doesn't get every thing he wants? The slapping of his little hands, (yes, he does try to slap at us. Try, being the key word), the mutinous glare he gives off when we are OBVIOUSLY impeding his mischief?
Oh Lord. We are in for it....
He knows some words now, he says dance, and up, and gentle, (he thinks our cat's name is gentle, because we are always telling him to be gentle when he's petting him), among other things. He signs a lot of things to us, which is nice, because I don't have to guess what he wants most of the time, he'll sign it to me. But if he's not in the mood? You can forget it. He will just look at you and yell. Especially if you aren't letting him pound on your phone, iPad, or computer. This child loves his electronics. He is destined to be a computer geek. I'm ok with that.
     But the toddler years. Oy.
I know we will survive it. Other families survive it. I'm just not sure how to survive with with my sanity intact.
Or is that the point, that I have to be slightly insane to survive a toddler? I think that might be it. Especially, when it comes to toddler "music". I have satellite radio in my Jeep, and yes, I found a kids station, which, actually has some humor.
      Some of those songs though? Those people should be shot! We do absolutely limit how much that station plays, and we play GOOD music for the boy. He has yet to know what Yo Gabba Gabba is, or Barney, for that matter. And we won't even discuss the possibility that he will ever see a Tele Tubby. He knows Captain Bogg and Salty, the Beatles, the Eagles, and many other musical styles. He watches Sesame Street now, not a whole episode, but any time Abby the fairy character comes on, he watches her. Thankfully, he is not partial to Elmo. He also enjoys Cookie Monster, because he has a stuffed Cookie here at home, and a book about Cookie.
     He likes going to the daycare, to play with all the other kids. He got lots of Valentine's cards, and the caregivers tell me that he plays well with the other kids, and interacts with everyone without any problems. That's a wonderful thing. I hope it continues, and that he doesn't get too terrible, now that we are on the down hill slide to two....