Thursday, January 2, 2014

In which I discover a new pet peeve

We enjoy going to eat out in restaurants. Probably too much, but there you go.
MB has been learning how to act in public, and, he's pretty dang good, for a 2.5 year old. We only go to family friendly places, he does NOT run freely, he says please and thank you. He knows what a napkin is, and uses silverware appropriately. He does talk, laugh, and, yes, occasionally squeal, whine , cry or shout. But he is a kid, I'm not expecting perfection.
What makes it 10 times harder for us to teach him good restaurant behavior, however, are the people around us that want to egg him on and play with him.
      He is adorable. I totally get that. He smiles, and flirts, he sings on occasion. I'm glad they think so. But hey! He needs to settle down, and eat!! Wave hello or whatever, but don't sit there and make faces at him, talk at him, wave, and otherwise rile him up THE ENTIRE TIME. Give it a rest! Eat your meal, too!! I'm trying to teach him to be respectful of  other people, and their space, but it's mighty hard when the other people keep demonstrating otherwise...
     I don't wanna be a grouch. But I do want to eat in relative peace....