Saturday, December 29, 2012


MM got me a fancy new toy for Christmas. An iPad.
Completely surprised me. He's good like that. So. Here I am, attempting to blog from it.
I did try, earlier in the week, but I was juggling a very active toddler and trying to maintain my sanity. It didn't work and I didn't pursue it. It was actually a post about how I utterly failed mailing our cards out this year. (Sorry).
     The toddler I speak of is well. Cutting molars, so he's been rather uh, angry at times. It hurts, and he doesn't understand why. He was overwhelmed at Christmas, and is presently sitting in front of me, playing with an empty box. (Go figure). He got lots of cars, and this morning we had a rousing game of bathtub basketball, thanks to Santa. He beat me soundly.
    The girl is well, as well.. Still home with us, which is good, because my awesome, long sought after sitter had to quit, related to a family crisis. We both cried. So I'm using MG as my back up, and interviewing more people soon. Sigh. The fun just never ends.
MM and I are good, too. We still like each other ;). (Inside joke. Kind of).
I guess I gotta go. MB is playing in a trash bag. Oh, the Joy.
Happy New Year.

Monday, December 10, 2012

mustang boy posts!!!

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