Friday, February 27, 2009

friday Mieography

Gonna postpone it today, waay tired. Sucky work.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday 13

Sorry about the photo quality this week, I was in a hurry because my camera battery was within seconds of death, and, I had (actually, have) a million things to finish today before I go to work...

So this weeks Thursday 13 is (are) the top Mii's we've created since we got our Wii. For other participants, go here

1. Carlito. (MM's creation. To me, he looks like a backstreet boy)

2. "The Lovemaster" (long story.)

3. Wierd Al

4. Quark

5. Zaphod (10 points to anyone who can name the book)

6. John Lenno (ran out of letters, so yes, Lenno it is)

7. Yoko Ono (my favorite Mii to box with)

8. Tammy Faye

9. The Dalai Lama

10. Robert Smith (we call him "The Cure")

11. Cleopatra

12. Alton Brow

13. Bond, James Bond.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taking the day off

by Lennon-McCartney

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you

Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party.

I would like you to dance
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance
I would like you to dance

I would like you to dance
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance
I would like you to dance

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you

Monday, February 23, 2009

Terrible two's

In a few weeks, my blog is going to be two years old.
A toddler.
In those two years, so much has happened. In the beginning, I had just met MM, we had not even had our first date, yet. (It will be 2 years in May for us).
There was no Mieography friday two years ago. I just kind of stumbled into that. Nor was there a short story saturday. Or Thursday 13. (well there probably was, but I wasn't aware of it).
My blog, two years old.
I think this necessitates a contest, of some sort. Don't you?
But you're going to have to work for the prize.
I want a guest poster for my blog-versary. Something fun, a story, a poem, a song. Anything goes. In my comments, or my emails, send me your idea. A panel of somewhat impartial judges (MM and MG probably) will pick the winner, and, that person will get a pair of something that has yet to be determined. Something I will pick suited to the winner of said contest. Interested? Deadline of March 9 so I can let the winner know they need to send me their fully developed idea... The post will appear on March 12th, which is the actual day.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Mieography

This particular lady actually lived in the area I am living in now. I was kind of curious about her, and now I know, much more!

Eliza Gilbert was born in Limerick, Ireland, in the year of 1818. The world knows her, however, as Lola Montez.
She claimed, through out her life, to be an illegitimate daughter of Lord Byron. Or, depending on when you asked her, a matador.
Her father was, in fact an eighteen year old member of the British Army. Her mother was only 13 when she was born. Her father died of cholera when she was eight.
Her mother remarried, and shipped Eliza "home" to Scotland, to her new husbands pious Presbyterian parents. She responded by running through the streets, stark naked. They sent her to Paris, and school, where she developed a gift for languages, and honed her violent temper. Finished with school when she was nineteen, she eloped to Ireland with a young lieutenant named Thomas James. However, he soon ran off with a captains wife, leaving her without friends.
She desired to be an actress, yet, she found she could not act. With the help of "friends" Lord Malmesbury, and Lord Brougham, she changed her name to Lola Montez, and billed herself as a "Spanish Dancer". She could not dance, either. She was boo'd and hissed off the stage in London. Taking it in stride, she decided that the 'oafs' didn't know a star when they saw one. She drifted around Europe, dancing at times, and taking lovers where she could find them.
Always one to carry a whip, Lola would get annoyed with a man, and slash him in the face with it. On one documented occasion, when a lover disappointed her, she shot at him, and he ran from the room with his pants around his ankles, dodging the ricocheting bullets.
She could be charming, though. Just ask the Czar of Russia (who gave her 1,000 rubles for "services provided"
Or Franz Liszt. Until she got jealous of his fame, and jumped up on the banquet table where royalty was present, and proceeded to "dance", spilling consomme in the lap of a duke. She managed to wear Liszt out, and, being a smart man, he locked her in a hotel room, and fled. Before he left the hotel, though, he left a large amount of money for the furniture he knew she would break.
She moved on to Poland, and was offered mounds of diamonds and a country estate if she would be the mistress of the Viceroy. She found him repulsive, however, and refused. He tried to get her fired from her dancing engagement, and she retaliated by telling the story of his offer of amour. His wife, his other mistress, and the theater audience all took exception to this.
She did find love, once, but, the man was promptly killed in a duel. She continued her European drifting, landing in Germany, where, a theater owner decided she had no talent, and fired her. She barged into King Ludwig's private study, demanding justice. Taken aback, the king struggled for words, until she swiped the scissors off his desk, and cut her blouse open, revealing her breasts. The theater manager got fired, and she got a substantial engagement at the theater. The king decided to love her, and paid her an allowance directly from the public treasury. He built her a palace, and it had a fountain, designed by the king, that sprayed perfumed water. He was an aged man, and Lola was soon "assisting" him to rule the country. She made a lot of enemies, fast. She was offered large amounts of money to leave, which she refused. Soon, revolution was imminent. King Ludwig stuck by his woman, proclaiming 'My crown for Lola'. She, however, was on the very next train out of town.
Things went a little down hill after that. She was arrested, for bigamy, and for stabbing a man, and for the mysterious disappearance of one of her lovers, from a ship anchored in a harbor in Fiji. But, nothing could ever be proven.
At 35 years old, she needed a fresh start, and left for California. She opened a frontier saloon in Grass Valley, which, with the help of all the money and swag she had, and the frequent visits from every Governor, Senator, or millionaire she could lure in, was a success. In letters found after she died, it was discovered that she was trying to plot a "capture" of California, make it an independent state, and call it "Lolaland". She was, of course, going to be it's Queen.
She began to get delusional, and started to lose herself in astrology, and mysticism. She did actually, write a book during this time, about beauty secrets. To prevent wrinkles, she suggests you tightly bind raw beef about your face, except the eyes. Until the "vibrant energy" soaks in.
She also went and lectured. "Let historical justice be done to the intellect of woman" she used to say.
When she was forty one, she had a "schizophrenic collapse", abandoned California, (or, "Lolaland" as I will now, forever think of it as) and spent her last two years a pauper, on the streets of NYC, shuffling along, talking to herself, asking God to forgive her wicked life. She died of a stroke at age forty three, in a boardinghouse, alone.
She did leave two children in California, one who was running a lamp shade store. They both declined to claim the body. They were "constrained by the pressures of business." Interesting considering the lamp shade thing, and the fact that her second child was in in jail at the time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hat tip Sybil

This was WAAY too much fun. And I think 4 eyed Whiplash could seriously put the hurt on the criminals of this world, don't you? To make one of your own, go here

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my favorite Muppets, from either the Muppet Show, or Sesame street. And not the "big name" ones, either....
I will have to add the link to the other participants when I get back home. This computer is evil...

1. Herry Monster

2. Slimey the Worm- sidekick of Oscar the Grouch

3. Camilla the Chicken- love of Gonzo's life...

4. Snuffleupagus. This was one of the few words our Turkish foreign exchange student never could say...

5. Count von Count

6. C is for Cookie....

7. Honeydew Bunsen

8. Gonzo

9. Pepe the Prawn

10. Beaker

11. The Swedish Chef bork bork bork!

12. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

13. Animal

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

There's Snow place like home...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday, and the white crap is still falling.

Its Tuesday. Hmmm. Tuesday. And I am sitting here, after a night that was VERY BUSY, looking at EVEN MORE SNOW FALLING in my *&^%$^& yard. Damn it. Thats all I really have to say about that.
I should go dig out the recipe for Potesa and share it with you all, but I am actually pretty tired. Besides. That recipe is so good, I think that if you want it you should come here and get it from me, personally. Bring a snow shovel. Or better yet, a plow. And don't forget something good to drink while you're at it. My supply of home made kahlua will only take us so far.
Have I admitted to you yet that I actually like snow?
Well, sometimes I do.
Just not in this volume.
I wonder if we could just find some way to divert it to Australia.
Or to Bubblewench. She'd like a snow day, she told me.
Right now I gotta go let the poor freezing dogs back in before they turn into pup cycles. Then I must go to bed and sleep.

Monday, February 16, 2009

8 minutes

Some fool atomic scientist thought it would be fun to see if he could blow up the sun.
Much to his surprise, he took aim, fired, and connected.
He immediately realizes his mistake, and alerts the authorities, and the press. (As if they didn't know).
We have EIGHT MINUTES left to live,
What are you going to do?

Hopefully, this fool planned this for a weekend, so that I am already with MM and MG, because the odds of the phone systems getting immediately jammed up is very high. I would seek them out, wherever they were, and make sure they knew that I loved them. Of course I would probably spend some of those eight minutes attempting to get ahold of the rest of my family, but probably would end up in a tearful, panicky mess.

How bout you?

Cheerful thoughts for a monday, huh?
It snowed again, briefly, this morning.
But we do have the fallen tree somewhat dealt with....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

yeah, um..

I am changing things. Because it's Sunday, and it has been SNOWING MORE DAMNIT I went ahead and tossed my blog. Because I am tired of shoveling snow.
Does this make sense to anyone? Probably not but oh well.
So I am ready for spring. And it's only February.
If I missed anyone in my bloglist, let me know. Gently, because I have cabin fever and my brain is shot.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Mieography

2 for the price of one this week. It's hokey, but because it's Valentines Weekend I thought I would do the sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, better known as the majority of Heart. (get it?)

Ann is the eldest sister, born to a Marine Corps colonel, and his wife. Nancy is just a few years younger THeir family moved around a lot, being as her father was career military, and even lived in Taiwan for awhile. Eventually, they settled in Bellevue, Washington, a suburb of Seattle.
Ann was the shyer of the sisters, related to the fact that she was plagued by a stutter. She turned to music early in her life, she sings, and plays the flute, and occasionally, the guitar. In the early 1970's, she joined a band called "Whiteheart", which later became Heart. This came about because first Ann got involved with Michael Fisher, who, along with his brother Roger, had formed the band "Whiteheart" before Mike had run away to Canada, to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War. Mike had snuck back home for a visit, and saw Ann performing with a band called 'Hocus Pocus'. Before long, Ann followed Mike to Canada, soon followed by Roger, and the other founding member of Heart, Steve Fossen. Nancy followed her sister, and became involved with Roger, and before long, the two couples were running the show.
Their first album, "Dreamboat Annie" was released in Canada in 1975, and then the United States. "Magic Man" is themost recognized song from that one. They had to remain in Canada until 1977, when Jimmy Carter granted amnesty to the Vietnam draft evaders. At this time, they were free to tour the United States. They enjoyed much success, but before 1980 their demise was near. Roger was fired from the band, because he had a breakdown on the "Dog and Butterfly" tour, which involved him throwing a guitar at Nancy's head. Michael left Ann for another woman. After that, it was obviously just the two sisters. They eventually made a comeback, though the band became much more "radio friendly", losing their rock tones.
Nancy Wilson married Cameron Crowe, and has made many appearances in his movies. The sisters continued to perform together, sometimes using the name Heart, and sometimes using the name "The Lovemongers", and performing accoustically. Ann gained weight, and got much, much negative publicity related to her weight gain. Nancy eventually took a break from music to concentrate on her family. Ann continued to tour with her own band, occasionally joined by Nancy. Nancy, working on her husbands many films, wrote and produced many of the songs he used in his films, especially "Vanilla Sky". In 2002, Heart reformed with both sisters, and toured, performing their old songs. Ann Wilson continues to release solo records as well. Some of their songs are even on "Rock Band".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

bah, humbug

the internet here at the old homestead was down most of the day, due to the weather, I suppose. We got plenty of the white stuff, and MM and I were out at the crack of noon shoveling and plowing it up so that more could fall tonight and make the driveway white again. We need the moisture, so whatever.
As a consequence I didn't do the Thursday 13 that I had thought of. But I have it stored away in my head for next week. (lets hope I can remember it).
On the fun side, we've decided to put some hardwood flooring in the house with our tax money. I am super excited to get rid of the carpet. I hate the carpet we have currently. The floor guy is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate. YES we could lay the floor ourselves. NO we are not going to lay the floor ourselves. I want it to be completed sometime in the next century. And with both of us working full time and having a life, that just would not happen.
I will put up pictures, I promise.
We are wondering what to do in the bathrooms, though. Our initial thought was to put either the hardwood, or even bamboo in, but in talking with the guy today, there is a risk of water damage to the nice pretty wood if we do so.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Odd thoughts Tuesday, mostly about dogs. Meh.

Off all the things I watch on television, probably one of the strangest thing I like to watch is the Westminster Dog Show. I like seeing all those dogs, I actually thing most of them look confused on why the hell they are doing what exactly they are doing. What entertains me more are the owners and handlers talking about what a good time the dog is having during the show. Sure, they are having a good time, they are getting attention!
Certain groups I like better than others. Like the herding group. Those dogs tend to be smart, and energetic, and they are not little yipping bossy things. I will admit I am not a big fan of the little yippers. Plus, I like to see dogs I have neer heard of, like a Bouceron. Ever heard of those guys? Me neither. But they herd. Just ask "Leo",
I don't watch all of the dog show, because, frankly, it gets boring after so long. Ideally, I would watch the few catagories I like, and then, maybe, catch the very final round just to see who one. Last year, it was a beagle. I found myself wishing the people had named it Snoopy, though.
I think the same people that do the announcing for the Westminster Dog Show also announce for the Golf Channel. They get at about that same level of whispered excitement.
My other favorite thing about watching these shows is about how much the handlers usually resemble the dogs. Some lady just ran past with her dog, and I think the judge could have checked her teeth and coat as well as the dog's. THAT would be entertaining.
As I watch this, my dogs are sacked out on the floor, in front of the fireplace, tired from playing another game of tackle football without the football in the snow that is lingering in the yard. I swear if I'd make them a bowl of soup and some hot chocolate they'd suck it down and be happy for it right about now. Audrey, the biggest of my cats, and the "alpha" of the household, is laying right next to them. Those dogs do not move in the house unless she lets them, she has more control over them then we do, I think.... Maybe I should have HER take them to a dog show, to see if they can get anywhere. But my girls are not purebred, so, we'd probably, undoubtedly epically fail. They'd start playing tackle without the football right in the arena...

Monday, February 9, 2009

snowy white

We got more snow again last night, thankfully not a huge, whole "Oh my god it snowed" truckload, just enough to make the world pretty around us. And COLD.
But as I look out at all the cold white prettiness this morning my thoughts are actually pretty far away, in a place that is not enjoying its very hot summer.
Where it is hot, and too many things are burning down.
Now, a lot of California was on fire this summer, but no where near the magnitude of the brush fires they are having to deal with. I am going to guess the next few months are going to be absolute bitter hell out there, especially for the firefighters. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.
So, while yeah, I will be enjoying the pretty snow, I wish I could send the whole lot of it somewhere else, to help dampen things.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bizarre question Thursday slightly postponed until Sunday

I know, I know. I don't usually post on Sunday. But I love the bizarre, weekly question that Holly and Jo are asking, so I swiped it, and postponed it. Before I answer though, I must stop and wish Mustang Man a happy Birthday.
Alright. Thats done, off I go with the question

there you are, sitting with your cup of [insert drink of choice here] and [insert treat of choice here], settling into a good night's reading. behind you, a fight breaks out on your bookshelf. which characters are slugging it out [from which books] with each other, and how do they resolve their dispute? what was the argument about?

So there I am, sipping my Irish Breakfast tea, eating a scone, (Yes, those are really two of my favorite things) when all of the sudden the books on my shelf start shaking and quaking, some of them jumping off the shelf in fear for their own lives!
It seems that the "Little Women" have started in on each other, that Jo was always struggling with her temper. It is bad enough that she burnt Meg's hair that one time, but now, now they were fighting over something sisters should never fight about, a Man.
Hearing their fight, the Boleyn sisters had to join in the fray, for they were always on the lookout for a new man. Anne was, at the moment, quite happy with her Henry, but she longed to get her sister Mary out of her book, and in to one of her own.
The man in question, however was not to interested in either the Boleyn sisters, nor the sisters March, who were at this moment furiously throwing things at each other. (that's what I get for putting knick nacks on my book shelves.) MM's pewter Wizards were doing what they could with their magic wands to protect things, but those girls were crazy!
Anyhow, the man in question, Jay Gatsby, had problems of his own, namely, Daisy, who was watching the fight in amusement and disbelief. "If only they knew how he really was" Daisy was thinking to herself.
Eventually, the fight wound down, Jo's temper cooled off, Meg suddenly remembered she was married to Mr. Brooke, Anne went back to Henry, Amy got distraced by Candy, Mary Boleyn decided to retreat for her own safety, and Beth? She died. We all knew that, right?
And Jay Gatsby shook his head at the mess, thanked the pewter wizards, and walked away....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Story Saturday

Paddy scanned all the packages he was to deliver for the day, and stopped, at one particular one.
"Jo Beaufoix" he muttered quietly to himself. "Jo". Squinting, he looked at the last name again, and wondered why on earth the woman was using a frog name in the place of what he considered to be a perfectly good English name.
"To each their own" he thought to himself, curious, but not overly concerned about it. Ensuring the package was tucked in a safe spot in his mail truck, he sped away, off to do the job that he loved so dearly.
See, Paddy had not always been a mailman. Back in his hometown of Dublin, he'd been a factory worker. His father had sent him to the factory at age 13. "School isna for you, lad, we need the income" his father had said, over the ever present pint of Guiness that lived in his hand. "We need the income so you can keep buying pints" thought Paddy morosly. He loved school.
As a consequence, he had forgotten nearly everything taught to him in the few years that he did get to go to school. He rose every morning at 0430, and did not get to bed until at least midnight, after finishing work, then running all the errands and doing all the work his mum needed done. More often than not he'd had to go fetch his sodding father from the tavern, too drunk to make it home.
Paddy's father died when he was twenty, liver just up and quit on him. His mother died soon after, and Paddy found himself, suddenly free. Unlike the other Irish families he knew, his parents had only had one child, himself. His mother had been bitter and angry about that for years. Paddy had dreams, now that he was on his own, of traveling the world, learning all he could. He had one small problem, however. He'd forgotten how to read. So, he continued on at the factory, too ashamed to seek help.
Until one day. On his way home, he stopped, and purchased a newspaper, hoping, as he did, every day, that he could somehow, magically, read it. Squinting at it, he tried to make out one word, any word. He failed to notice the lovely read headed woman who was watching him, until she was at his side.
"Are you having trouble reading that?" she asked, kindly, her blue eyes bright in the dusk of the evening. Caught, Paddy, swallowed hard, pink streaking up his cheeks in embarrassment. "I seem to have forgotten how" he admitted, shocked at his own admission.
"Well lets remedy that" she said, very matter of factly.
They met every night, for weeks and weeks, months and months. Slowly, surely, Paddy learned how to read. He delighted in reading, and was a very good student. He soon did not need the help of the generous read headed lady, but as she was fond of him, she kept coming. Soon, she was teaching him maths and history, as well.
Then, one evening, she was gone. A note was sent round, explaining to him that her time with him was over, she'd had to move on, she had found someone else who needed her help.
Not soon after that, Paddy had decided to move away from Dublin, and, now able to read, picked a nice sounding town in England. Soon after arriving, he'd gotten his job at the post, and delivered the mail every day. Able to do so because a nice, red headed lady named "Jo" had taught him to read. And now, on his postal route, was another lady named Jo. He smiled every time he got to say the name...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Mieography

Did we ever really think that a little tiny Jewish woman would be the one who unabashedly went on the TV and Radio to talk about sex?
Responsible for opening up the subject without hesitation, and, educating Americans about many, many things, today, we are going to learn a little bit more about Dr. Ruth.

She was born in June of 1928 in Frankfurt, Germany, the only child of Julius and Irma Siegel, Orthodox Jews, whom were in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Her name was Karola Ruth Siegel. Her mother and Grandmother sent her to Switzerland in 1939 after her father was taken by the Nazi's. She was placed in an orphanage, where she stayed until she came of age. Any communication from her parents stopped in 1941, she learned later that they had been killed, probably at Auschwitz.
Once she was old enough, she immigrated to the British Mandate of Palestine. She joined the Haganah, in Jerusalem, where, even though she was only 4'7, she was trained as a scout and sharpshooter. She was seriously wounded in action by an exploding shell during the 1948 Israeli war of independence. It took several months before she could walk again.
In 1950, she moved to France, and both studied and taught psychology at the University of Paris. In 1956 she made her way to the US, specifically, Manhattan, the Washington Heights area, where she still lives to this day. She belongs to two synagogues, the YMHA (young mens hebrew association, of all things) and enjoys the large community of Jewish German refugees who still live there. She is also multi lingual,speaking English, German, French and Hebrew.
She has two degrees, a Masters in Sociology, and an Ed.D, both from Columbia University. She completed her post doctoral work in human sexuality at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.
She has written several books on that matter, including Sex for Dummies. She teaches courses and seminars at varied places, including Yale and Princeton. She has also been on multiple television shows, including David Letterman, and her own show, "Sexually Speaking". The Wall Street Journal described her as "a cross between Henry Kissinger and Minnie Mouse". Recently, she has actually been on a PBS children's show, called "Between the Lions" as "Dr. Ruth Wordheimer", who helps anxious readers and spellers. In the January 2009 55th anniversary of Playboy, she was # 13 on the list of the 55 most important people in sex from the past 55 years.
She's been married three times, but her third marriage to Manfred Westheimer, is the one that stuck. They have two children, and many grandchildren. He passed away in 1997. I am guessing he was a very happy man.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This week, I tortured my brain to pick thirteen historical things I'd have liked to have been a fly on the wall for....

1. The creation of Penicillin. I would love to have seen the bread he grew it on...

2. Orville and Wilbur Wrights first flight. I bet the look of astonishment, and fear on their faces was priceless.

3. The discovery of Chocolate. Who decided that? They deserve a medal.

4. The head chop of Anne Boleyn. Call me morbid. And curious. I want to see if she was all she was cracked up to be.

5. The Emancipation Proclimation. It would be awesome to see live and in person

6. Constantinople, back in the "day". The harems, the bazaars, the people, and all the odd things that supposedly existed there. But only for a short while.

7. I'd love to have tea with Nostradamus.

8. The first photograph. What inspired it? I wanna know

9. The completion of the Great Wall of China. What a feeling....

10. Napoleon and Josephine. I bet he melted like butter in her hands.

11. Watch Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa. Then I'd know who the hell she was, and I would tell him to paint it bigger so that people in the crowded Louvre could see it better!

12. The first climbing of Everest.

13. And who is the genius who first decided to ride a horse, and how long did it take them? Seriously....

Alrighty. Thats my weekly thirteen. For more, go here. Ah dang it this computer won't let me link! Go to
I will link properly at home. Sigh.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

*early morning edit

I just read a news article about Kurt Warner, the QB for the Arizona Cardinals. It seems that when he and his family go out to dinner, they pick a table, and quietly pay for their meal, as well. It's a family tradition, because his wife used to be a broke single mother whom could seldom afford to eat out. Before the Superbowl, he and his wife were at the Cheesecake Factory, and they actually bought the meal for a table worth of 20 Pittsburgh Steelers fans. I call that pretty classy, and had I read this story before the Superbowl, I may have actually rooted for Arizona, because now I think I like their QB better than that ding bat Ben Roethlesburger who makes me a little bit ill. (Sorry Pittsburgh fans, but he kinda irritates me.)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ever have one of those days?

well this is one for me. I should have probably stayed in bed.
I did sleep in, because I am scheduled to work the next three nights, and most of the time when I want and need to nap, I can't sleep. So I just try to make myself sleep in.
So I got out of bed, hung around chatting with MM a bit. Decided to go to the store and get a few groceries so we'd have choices for dinner this week.
I got to the store fairly un-eventfully, despite the traffic rolling around. It was IN the store where things started to fall apart. Over in the bagel section, I leaned in too close, trying to determine age of said "fresh" bagels and somehow managed to whack my OPEN eye on the sneeze guard. WTF? THAT, my friends, takes TALENT. I think I deserve an award for that.
SO I wander the store, blinking my watering eye, wondering what it looks like, and come away with my groceries. Home is probably about 6 miles from the store. But to get out of the parking lot it is a left hand turn. So I pull forward a bit to see if I can go and see a HUGE line of cars coming in both directions. Figuring I should back up a wee bit, because, well, some of those cars are going fast and stupid, and I like my Jeep in one piece, thanks very much, I look in my rear view mirror, and not seeing a whole lot, proceed to back up. What I Didn't see was the little shitty car that was so close to the ass of my jeep I still could not see it in any mirror or blind spot check. NO I didn't hit the little shit car, they honked. But they need to learn not to crawl up someone's tail pipe.
So here I sit, winking my eye, not willing to go anywhere. Hoping that I can be on call tonight....

Monday, February 2, 2009

weekend wrap up

So it's Monday, and it seems to have been a very interesting weekend here on my little blog.
First, I want to say that I went and looked at the website that Kolekona suggested, and I have to tell you MM and I were both rather impressed at the proposal on it. For those of you who didn't go, the link is still in my comments, but what I surmised is this:
For those who choose to be donors, there are "perks" offered, not money, which would be like selling an organ, but things like credits towards health insurance, and education. That, to me, is smart. AND, to continue to receive these perks, the potential donor needs to maintain their healthy status, with routine MD visits. This encourages people to be proactive about their health. I can fully support that. AND this program does not decide who, if anyone, gets the organs first. Organ's are distributed the way they are, NOW, based on the NEED. That is the important thing.
AND, another important comment was made, about the fear that some may have about people who are potential donors not receiving as aggressive of treatment because they are donors. That, they are let go a little sooner. Let me reassure any of you who think that might be the case. Most of the time, we don't even KNOW someone's donor status until after they have been declared brain dead, or dead. And if we do know? It doesn't matter. Because that person is someone's loved one, a mother, a sister, a brother, a father. A friend. Never in any hospital have I worked at have I ever thought that we didn't fight hard enough to save someone, because they are a donor.
Bottom line though, all I really wanted to do with my Thursday 13 was encourage people to donate their organs. We are dreadfully short.
Alright. Enough donor talk.
How about those Steelers?
The Super bowl was really good this year, a real nail biter. Just the kind of game that I like. The 3D commercial was a let down, but other than that, I thought it was great! It would have been better had I been more rested (worked the night before) but still.
Go Steelers.
alright I am brain dead and have millions of things to do, happy Monday everyone