Monday, May 4, 2015

I start to lose control...i

We have a new neighbor.
More specifically, MB has a new neighbor.
The people next door now are very nice. The parents are both Air Force, and there are 2 children, a girl who is a year older than MB, and a boy, who is about 2 years younger. MB and the young lady, let's call her Whirly ( for whirling dervish) ADORE each other. It was love at first sight.
     Now, Whirlys parents are busy people. They work. They play. A lot. She goes to school on their base. Needless to say, they aren't home much. And MB? He's home with me, with the exception of Monday's and Wednesday's, when he's in pre school. We do most of our busy on weekends, so that we can be out and about as a family.  So their friendship has been kind of hit and miss.
     Yesterday, we took MB to a dinosaur days event in a nearby town. He had a blast. Didn't really care for the Dino's, but they had a trebuchet he could shoot, slime he could make, and electrics he could play with. When we got home, Whirly was outside. Cue the child hysterics. It was like they haven't seen each other in years. Sheesh.
     After some generalized BS session with Whirlys Dad, we each retired to our own yards. After awhile, Whirly decided she wanted to be inside. Inside my house.... So we went in. We made play doh, we ate yogurt, oranges and juice. We used light sabers, and had general mayhem. That is all fine with me.
     Here's the hard part..
This little girl, while she is very nice, is older, and has more experience than MB. What I do notice, is that she subtly manipulates and tries to undermine my authority with MB. Sometimes, not so subtly.
Now, she's not inciting riots, starting fires, or showing body parts, but still. She is being raised differently than he is, and she doesn't really care about my rules. ( Like no TV on Sunday's).  In her mind, her way is the right way. And MB is so easy going, and eager to please her, because he wants to play with her more than just once in awhile. So he tries to go along with what she's wanting. He did dig his heels in about a few things, and I was so glad to see him do it. But I would like to see him take her on a little more.  I'm afraid if he does, she's going to drop him like a hot potato. And she is the only kid in our neighborhood, presently.  So for now I just keep an eye on our pint sized princess. Her Dad is a nice guy, and he did instruct her that while she's at my house she's to listen to MM and I.  And that did carry weight with her. She was polite to me, and they both had fun. I guess it's all a part of growing up. He's not my baby anymore...