Friday, January 11, 2013

Big steps

The hunt for the next, great baby sitter did not go well....
     We were very spoiled with our last person, and replacing her has proved to be not possible. The ladies we met were nice. They were qualified, but they weren't right for us. One of them, a friendly older lady sort, who really didn't want to have weekly hours, has offered to be our "date night" sitter. And for that? Yes, she'd be good.
     So, I went and looked at a preschool - daycare. It's about 5 miles from the house. It's clean, well staffed, they give snacks, and naps, and the other kids there seemed happy and played well together, while I was there. It has a nice outside play area for the kids, too. So, though I had wanted to keep him home a little longer, MB is going to go out in the world a bit. Since he's mobile, talking some, and very capable of making his needs known, we think its probably the right time for this step. Try as I might to deny it, he's growing up. I see changes, every day. New words, new abilities. He's very funny and opinionated, and entertaining. He dances to anything with a beat. Even when he's making that beat himself...
I hope he goes, and has fun. I hope he doesn't learn too many bad behaviors. It will happen, I know. And it's only a few hours a week. But it's a new, big step, for us all.