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Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Queenie Tuesday

** this one could be dangerous, since I WORK in a hospital.... Oh, the stories I could tell, (if it didn't break patient confidentiality...)
Welcome to The Queen's Meme #12.
A Tuesday meme
Sometimes silly. Sometimes serious. Always fun!
Step out of the box. Be creative. Use your imagination.
No one's answers are quite like yours.

And please, stay out of the dungeon.
1. What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you in a hospital (besides your illness)? Not enough towels? No condiments? Can't get your favorite channels? Come on, you can tell me. **Or....maybe this answer doesn't involve you being the patient.** So, I can tell you this much. There is a man in my town, somewhere, who thinks I am a platinum blonde witch named Valerie. Either that or he is still in a Psych ward somewhere

2. If you had your choice of IV cocktails, what would you choose? Rum and Coke, probably. Or a nice, mellow iced tea...

3. Tell us your funniest hospital story. Damn Damn Damn! I can't!!! It breaks the HIPPAA laws if I do!
How about this? One night, I smeared KY jelly all over the Charge Nurse phone. Then called the CN from the supervisors phone, then laughed hysterically as my friend G was wiping KY out of his ear for hours....

4. Do you have any hospital phobias?Yeah, that I'll die in one.

5. Imagine you are in bed trying to get some sleep after a long night of interruptions by the nurse on duty who would NOT stop waking you up to see if you were asleep...It is 3am. You finally get to sleep. She comes in at 3:15 and wakes you up again. What happens next? I tell her I know where she lives. Because, I work nights, and she is more than likely my co worker, and I DO know where she lives, her family, and, I can call HER at noon. When she is sound asleep. Again, and again, and again, and again....
and for the record, I do my best to let my patients sleep. But since I am an ICU RN, they frequently do not, anyhow....

6. You are stuck in the elevator with an attractive person of the opposite sex. You notice there is no wedding band. Do you strike up a conversation? If so, what is the first thing you would say? Stuck? The elevator isn't moving?
I ask them if they have any water or a snack...

7. A very odd patient wanders into your room from the upstairs psychiatric ward. What do you do? Offer them my Haldol, and tell them the aliens are on THIS side of the hospital, encouraging him to wander into a room across the hallway....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Mush

ah, Monday. Back again to taunt me with your dark view of the long week. Someone had to be the first day of the work week, and its you...

We really shouldn't hate you this weekend, some of this household didn't get much of a weekend. Mustang Man had to work Saturday, he wasn't home again until 6 am Sunday morning. To say he was tired would be a gross understatement.
Some of us maybe had TOO much weekend, Mustang Girl was out and about with her friend for the majority of the weekend, returning home Sunday evening, just in time to finish her Sunday chores.

And me?
My weekend was mostly revolved around the fish tank, (had a few casualties, and even found a teeeny baby fish, which ended up getting eaten by someone during the night.... its the law of nature.), cooking us decent things to eat, and other typically boring, usual weekend stuff. I return to work tonight, alas...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Mieography

Let me just preface this to say I CANNOT BELIEVE that I have not thought of this one, sooner. Because I LOVE her. Really, I do. So, here we go.

Gilda Susan Radner was born in Detroit, Michigan, daughter of Henrietta and Herman. She has an older brother, Michael. (They also had a nanny in their household, whom she called "Dibby", and later based her character Emily Litella on). She was very close to her father, he used to take her to NYC to see Broadway shows, and also frequently took her to the Seville Hotel in Detroit, where he worked. Many night club performers, and actors stayed there while performing. Sadly, her Dad died when she was only fourteen years old.
She enrolled in college at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where she made a lifelong, (platonic) friend, David Saltman. She began a broadcasting career there, as the weather girl for the college radio station. She dropped out her senior year, to follow her boyfriend, who was a Canadian sculptor, to Toronto. Once there, she was cast in a role in a production of Godspell, with Eugene Levy, and Martin Short, of all people. She also joined the Toronto Second City comedy troupe. Just to be busier, she also was a featured player on the National Lampoon Radio Hour, a syndicated comedy program. Other players on this show included John Belushi, Chevy Chase, and Bill Murray.
Eventually, she became part of the original "Not Ready For Prime Time Players", the first one cast for the first season of Saturday Night Live. Here, we met her as Roseanne Roseannadanna, Baba Wawa, Emily Litella (never mind!) and countless other's.
What we didn't realize, was that she was battling Bulimia during this time. She once told a reporter that she had thrown up in every toilet in Rockefeller Center. She was also in a relationship with Bill Murray. It ended, badly.
In 1979, she brought a show to Broadway, "Gilda Radner, Live from New York". It was filmed in 1981, as "Gilda, Live!". During this time, she met and married her first husband, G. E. Smith, a musician, and, eventually, SNL band leader.
Fate intervened when she went to film a movie, Hanky Panky, in the form of Gene Wilder. Her marriage deteriorating rapidly, she describes her meeting with Gene as love at first sight. They were eventually married in the South of France. They made three movies together. During their third movie, Haunted Honeymoon, she began having pain in her legs, and fatigue. She sought treatment, and, after ten months of false diagnoses, she learned she had Ovarian Cancer. Chemo and Radiation were the treatment. After the treatment, she was declared in Remission, and she wrote a memoir about her life, and illness, "It's Always Something".
Her cancer returned in 1989. She was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles, where they sedated her to calm her before a CAT scan. She never woke up. Sadly, before her scan, that had been her greatest fear, not waking up. It's why they had medicated her.
Her gravestone reads: Gilda Radner Wilder-Comedenne-Ballerina 1946-1989.
Gene Wilder went on to establish the Gilda Radner Ovarian Detection Center at Cedars-Sinai, to screen high risk candidates, and run diagnostic tests. Her death raised awareness of early detection, and familial connection. (Had they looked back, they would have noted that her grandmother, aunt, and cousin ALL died of ovarian cancer).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

*photo's by Mustang Girl*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Queenie Tuesday

The Queen's Tuesday Meme #11 ~ The Loud and Raucous Poetry Meme (Not)

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #11.
A Tuesday meme
Sometimes silly. Sometimes serious. Always fun!
Step out of the box. Be creative. Use your imagination.
No one's answers are quite like yours.

And please, stay out of the dungeon.
You don't want to go there.

This week the questions are sheer poetry. Nonsensical. Cerebral. Challenging.
The answers should be too.
I have given you seven familiar limericks. Your job is to change them by filling in the blanks. Here's an example of a limerick.

There was an Old Man in a tree,
Who was horribly bored by a Bee;
When they said, 'Does it
He replied, 'Yes, it does!'
'It's a regular brute of a

Lines 1, 2 & 5 rhyme. Lines 3 & 4 rhyme. You can use more than one word to fill the blank but the end words must rhyme appropriately. Now fill in the blanks with the limericks I've given you. Don't think about them too much. Usually the first word that pops in your head can be used to make a very funny poem. Try it!

1.There was an Old Man of ____disease_,
Who lived upon __his knees______;
When that did not ___kill him___,
He took a mouth full of Librium__________,
That nasty Old Man of __disease_____.

2. There was a Young Lady whose __thighs___,
Were unique as to color and__size_________;
When she opened them __up____,
People all turned __amuck_____,
And started away in __surprise_______

3. There was a Young Lady of __Corn___,
Who casually sat on a _thorn_______;
When the door squeezed her __head____,
She exclaimed, '_Now I'm dead_______?'
This courageous Young Lady of _Corn_______.

4.There was an Old Man with a _lump____,
Who bumped at it ___with his stump_____;
But they called out, '__hark____!
You're a horrid old ___fart__!'
So they smashed that Old Man with a __thump___.

5. There was a Young Lady whose __corset____,
Came untied when the birds sate _to force it______;
But she said: 'I don't care!
All the birds in the _faire_____
Are welcome to sit on my ___dorset____!'

6. There was an Old Man of __loam____,
Who never knew what he should _comb____;
So he tore off his __hair___,
And behaved like a __bear____,
That intrinsic Old Man of ___loam__.

7. There was an Old Man of ___Flat____,
Who had the most curious _Hat_______;
For while he was ___sad___,
He slept on a ____pad___.
That funny Old Man of _Flat______.


My poetry skilz are not that great....

Monday, September 21, 2009


Was going to write this quirky post about how we seem to have four different kinds of mustard in our refrigerator

(who needs FOUR mustards?)

Or do we have five.
I lose count.

But I am tired, worked last night, and the bed is calling me. You'll have to wait to hear about our mustard.

(heartbreaking, isn't it?)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Mieography

Mary Anne Evans was born in England, the third daughter of Robert and Christiana. Two of her siblings were already teenagers when she was born, from a previous marriage of her fathers. Her other siblings were born of both her parents as well, a sister and a brother.

She was considered an intelligent child, and, her father, being employed as the manager of a large Estate entitled her to use it's library, which helped her in her early education. She was raised Anglican, but also saw a growing number of religious dissenters in the area of the Midlands where she was raised.
She attended boarding school until her mother passed away, and she returned home to fulfull the housekeeping role. Her older brother, Isaac eventually married, and took over the family home, so she and her father moved to Coventry. There, she met a couple named Charles and Cara Bray, whom were rich from ribbon manufacturing. They were very free thinking and philanthropic, and their home frequently housed people who enjoyed debate, and radical views. She met many people, like Ralph Waldo Emerson, while she was present in their home. Through the myriad of people, and debate, Mary Anne lost her faith, and her father threatened to toss her out. He never did, because she respectfully attended church, and kept his house for him, until his death. Less than a week after his death, she went to Switzerland with the Brays, and decided to stay in Geneva, by herself. She eventually returned to England, living in London, with the intent to be a writer. She became instrumental in helping to edit a left wing journal called "The Westminster Review", for which she also wrote many essays and reviews.
This being the 1800's (in case you were wondering), it was scandalous to many to have an unmarried woman interacting with the predominantly male society of London. She was clearly strong minded, though, very sensitive, often depressed, and had much self doubt. She was not considered attractive, by any means, and frequently fell in love with those who did not reciprocate. She eventually met a man who loved her back, George Henry Lewes, a philosopher, and critic. George was married, but he and his wife had an "open" marriage. George and Mary Anne, (now Marian) chose to live together. (Lest you think George's wife was neglected, she had three children with George, then, MORE children with other men.) He was unable to divorce his wife because he was named as father for at least one of her offspring with another man, because this was considered 'complicit in adultery'.
She and George went to Germany, for research, and considered the trip a "honeymoon". They styled themselves as married, and she called herself by his last name. Their open ness with their affair added to her scandalous reputation. They lived apart from literary society, both shunning, and being shunned equally. She continued to contribute to the Westminster Review, but resolved to be a novelist. Not wanting to be included into the cache of women who were currently writing, whom she considered silly, and trivial, she chose a pen name, George Eliot.
Her work was an instant success, and as she was using a pen name, people were speculating a great deal to her identity. Pretenders even came forward to claim her work. She eventually had to step forward, and claim it herself. Though her readers were shocked, they did not stop reading her novels. It took a very long time for society to accept her, and her husband, though, they did. She was eventually granted an audience with the daughter of Queen Victoria, who was an avid reader of her novels.
She continued to write, prolifically, for fifteen years. Her husband died, and she spent two years editing HIS final works. During this time, she met a man, twenty years junior to her, John Walter Cross, an American banker. She married him (legally, this time), shocking every one. They honeymooned in Venice. Sadly, he wasn't a stable person, and either jumped, or fell from their balcony into the Grand Canal. He did survive. She, however, fell ill, and, compromised already by kidney disease, she died at the age of sixty one.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Queens Tuesday....

The Tick-Tock Meme
1. Are you a Rolex watch, a Mickey Mouse watch, or a pocket watch? Neither. I am one of those watches with the blank face, and all the numbers jumbled at the bottom.

2. Can you think of a time when you couldn't see the forest for the trees? Just ONE time? A Time? I can think of MULTIPLE times. But I've gotten better at viewing the forest....

3. Can you think of a time when you were on the outside looking in? What did you see? Of Course. I think we've all been in this position. What comes to mind is when you are around people who have a history together, who have known each other longer than you've known them. Oddly, my parents kind of come to mind. They have a history with each other that I will never be on the inside of. Nor should I...

4. Go back in time. Maybe a long time ago, maybe today. Pick an hour you'd like to freeze frame forever and tell us why. It doesn't have to be THE most important hour of your life, but make it a good one. MM and I were on our first date. We had a great dinner that evolved into the invitation to a movie. Having some extra time before it started, we walked to an ice cream place, for dessert. Which, MM decided to wear on his shirt. Instead of freaking out, or acting like it was the end of the world, (many men I know do this), he laughed at himself, cleaned it off as best he could, and we went to our movie...
this gave me great insight to his personality, and made him even more appealing to me. I like people who can roll with the punches.

5. If you were a cuckoo clock, what would others say about you? Probably that I was broken, and cuckoo'd all the time.

6. Can you think of a time when time stood still? Once again, just one? I can think of a few... Oh... am I supposed to tell you of them? Gee.... since you asked....
first car accident. Time froze, right as my car made contact with the other one. Horrific.

7. Watch this! You are a stopwatch. What would you stop? The recent stupidity that has kind of been going on around me. Some people just have no filters on their mouthes and brains.

8. Imagine you were just born and have infinite wisdom. After the doctor smacks your newborn dust ruffle you look around and say to the Universe: "Give me a whole lifetime to do "this" and I will bless the day I was born." What did you choose? Dang... uh.... live satisfied with my life. No regrets....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Hope Mom isn't picking on you, too much....

Friday, September 11, 2009

In Rememberance

Foregoing the Mieography today, and stopping to remember the horrific events of eight years ago.

Never again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Queenie Tuesday

The Queen's Meme No. 9 ~ The W Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #9.
Step out of the box. Be creative. Have fun!
And please, stay out of the dungeon.
It's getting really crowded in there.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why Would You Meme

Who ....

is easy to love? MM and MG are!

do you just wanna smack? People who tailgate..
do you trust? My family, and my fish guy Mike.

do you talk to when you're alone? The Betta fish, because supposedly they enjoy it.


dangerous things do you do while driving? Mess with my iPod
are you allergic to? Hyacinth, and Bell Peppers

is Satan's last name? Satan. Because he's so bad you say it twice
is the last thing that moved you? Watching a marathon of "Band of Brothers"
is the freakiest thing in your house? The shed antlers my brother in law gifted me with.


is it time to turn over a new leaf?When the old leaf withers away and dies
will you be all that you can be? Depends on my mood
is enough enough? Never. Or when Donna Summer dies
do you go to the dark side? When it involves dark chocolate


are your pants? On my body
is your last will and testament? Sadly, still in my head
is your junk food stash? If I told you I'd have to kill you
is Carmen Sandiego? In the West Indes?

Why.....was the Lone Ranger alone? Because Tonto didn't count?
was The Scarlet Letter scarlet? Because Rouge didn't sound right
are musicians sexy and plumbers not? Musicians have the sense to hide their crack.
are there no seat belts on school buses? Because kids have hard heads, and extra brain cells, anyhow

Would you....

swim the English Channel for a doughnut and coffee? If not that, what? Not donuts, or coffee. Maybe some good tea and a scone.

forgive someone who deliberately hurt you? Deliberately hurt me? I would honestly have to say no. Because I know I'd have a really hard time with that.

rather believe a lie if it hurt you less than the truth? Probably.

you still be alive if you were sucked out of an airplane window? Would you just float around in space for while? No I'd probably faint while I was falling to the earth, and then die because I held my breath too long

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

a day originally set aside, by Grover Cleveland to celebrate the average working man.
Times have changed,
we have evolved.
We all Labor, in our own way.
So Happy Labor Day to all,
regardless of how how you labor.
Enjoy the day :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Mieography

Bonjour Mimi! This one is all your fault :)

Alienor was the eldest of the children sired by William X, Duke of Aquitaine, and his wife, Aenor de Chatellerault.( Her parents had an arranged marriage, as was the usual of that era. What made it a little more interesting, is that William was the son of Aenor's mother's lover... ah, the twists and turns).
Alienor was named for her mother, alia Aenor means "the other Aenor, in latin.
Her father ensured she had the best possible education. Besides speaking her native language (Poitevin), she also could read and speak in Latin, and was knowledgeable of music and literature, and also taught riding, hawking, and hunting.
When she was eight, her mother, and brother died, leaving her the heir to her fathers domains. The Duchy of Aqutaine was the largest, and richest provence in France, at that time. She had one other legitimate sibling, her sister Aelith (Petronilla). Her father had two by-blows, William and Joscelin, who were acknowledged, but not his heirs. When she was fifteen, her father died, and she became the Duchess of Aquitaine, and the most eligible heiress in Europe. Her father, realizing that this would eventually happen, and put her in danger, had appointed King Louis VI as her guardian. Until the King found her a husband, he had the legal right to Alienor's lands.
The king, "Louis the Fat", was ill himself, with dysentery. He remained clear headed, though, and was pleased that the best duchy in France was now under his control. He decided to marry his son, Prince Louis (who, sadly, had been bound for monastic life, until his brother died, making him his fathers heir) to Alienor. This increased his power in France nicely.
They were married, with the understanding that the oldest son would be bth the King of Franks, AND the Duke of Aquitaine. Her holdings would not be merged with France until then. A few days after the wedding, her father in law died, and she became the Queen of France.
She was not, even from the beginning, well liked. She was high spirited, educated, and the church elders especially did not care for her. The King loved her madly, though, and granted her every whim.
Inevitably, conflict arose. Conflict turned to war, and if I tried to go into all that, we'd be here for centuries. (Go read the book). Alienor continued her strong ways, went on a Crusade, got into trouble, pissed her husband off to the point where he imprisoned her (on more than one occasion). She also did things like developing trade agreements between Constantinople, and other Holy Land ports. Her marriage fell apart, and was eventually annulled. Not before the Pope tried to reconcile them, however. He even had a special bed made for them. The only thing that stayed legitimate about their marriage was their two daughters. The annulment was granted, based on the fact that Alienor and Louis were third cousins
Once she was freed, two lords tried to kidnap her, to claim her lands. (remember, they did not go to France, she had no sons). In fear, she sent for help from Henry, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy. Requesting he come at once, and marry her. Six weeks after her annulment, he did. She was twelve years older than her young groom. He was also her third cousin. Strangely enough, she had once sought to marry her first daughter, Marie, to Henry, and it was refused because of the cousin relationship.
Henry went on to become King of the English, thereby, making her a Queen, again. Over the next thirteen years, she bore five sons, and three daughters. The marriage was very tumultuous, and Henry had a reputation of being a philanderer. His mistresses frequently had children that were within months of his legitimate offspring. Alienor seemed indifferent, even taking in some of the by-blows, and raising them. She did, however, at least once, leave her husband with the intent of separation. She developed, for a time, her own court, in Poitiers. Henry was concentrating more on controlling his large empire, and tried, also, to control Aquitaine. She was not amused with his methods of doing so, especially the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket. (once again, the political intrigue would take me DAYS. read the book!)
She ended up imprisoned, yet again. (Boy her husbands had to work hard to 'control' her. HA!). This caused much estrangement between her, and her sons. She did not see them often. Henry eventually died, Richard became his heir, and released her from her prison. She ended up ruling England in her son's name, while he was off on a Crusade. She eventually had to negotiate his eventual ransom. She outlived her son, the king, and lived long enough to enjoy the reign of her youngest son, John. She did much in her later years, and after she died, she was buried next to her husband, and son, (Richard). By that time she had out lived all of her children but two.
This mieography BARELY scratches the surface of this strong willed, wonderful woman. BARELY. It's shameful. Read the book . :)

You can also "like" her, on Facebook, LOL

Thursday, September 3, 2009

In which I am going to rant, a little

I keep waiting. Waiting to get 'sick' of the aquarium. Waiting to just hate cleaning it. Waiting for the fish to turn on each other, and start making the watery tank cluttered.

Its not happening.
Matter of fact, the opposite is kind of happening. I find myself really, sincerely, enjoying the thing. Watching the fish play. They do play. And for things with tiny little brains, those fish are fairly smart, and have personality! Who knew.
There are other finely finned friends in the house. Purchased, as kind of a lark. Purchased, to truthfully, hopefully be incentive towards getting MG in gear to finish her room. Purchased, because I think they are lovely.
My Betta's.
It seems so good. That you can get these beautiful, long finned, "fighting" fish, and they have their own, little habitats. And they need so little care.
This is what THEY want you to believe. They, being certain chain stores that sell them, and the manufacturers of those dinky little habitats.
I've been researching, this week.
Its all garbage.
Those habitats?
Will kill the betta, much sooner. They don't "like" being cooped up like that.
Yes. They do like to be fairly solitary. So do I. does that mean I should live in a closet?
They like to swim. They like live plants, or even silk plants, so they can lay on them and sleep. They like pea's. (they really do!). They like to stretch their fins.
They need a surface, to get air.
They have a labyrinth organ that needs air. It can drown the fish if they don't get it.
Those little jars they sell them in?
the betta live in them for longer than 2 weeks trying to get to the pet store. Many of them die in it. The water needs to be changed at least twice a day in those things. You tell me how often you figure your local pet store changes that water. Then, we, the purchaser, usually ignorant to all things Betta, stick them in a "habitat" that holds usually somewhere around a quarter of a gallon of water. These crafty fish procurement people don't like the poor betta penned up in those little jars. I am sure they take a significant loss in dead betta. So, they make those lil, cheap plastic "habitats". And call it good. And then convince us that it's good. And, for the most part, we buy it. Its "just" a fish, right?
Sure, we feed them. We say they are pretty. And look at the cute lil box?
I can't believe I was that gullible. Don't misunderstand me. I get that they are fish. And that fish are not like living, breathing children we take care of and should last us 99 years. Somewhere, in the grand scheme of things, fish have a reputation as being "expendable" pets. Your kid's gold fish dies? Just flush that bad boy, and go get another one that looks like it. Not hard.
But the Betta's. My Betta's. They're better than that to me. So, though I was sucked in with the little cheap habitats, those are now a thing of the past, and I have moved ahead, to make things acceptable.
My Betta, Alpha, and Zeta, now have an open topped, seven gallon tank, that is divided into 2 tanks. The tank was only 24 dollars. Cheap, right? (Never, ever, put 2 betta's together, they are called 'fighting fish for a reason. They will fight to the death.)
I got them each a live plant. (Silk plants work, too. Plastic, I read, is bad, because they rub their long fins against them and the fins will tear. Then they get fin rot). I got them each a 'friend', because there are other fish they like. They each got an Oto, which will keep their sides of the tank clean for them. And it cuts down on my water changes, and tank cleaning duties. It doesn't eliminate the need to clean. But it helps. And a seven gallon tank? EASY. They can do well with other fish, the ones that are not overly bright, or overly long finned. Not the Red ones, though. Its actually documented that the Red colored Betta have more of a temper than any of the other colors. That makes me laugh.
They have a heater, (because they like temp's in the 80 range), and they have a lamp, for some sunlight. They are used to Thai rice paddies, usually. (And yes, we are still, actually IMPORTING Betta's from Thailand. They come THAT far.)
They have a bag of pea's. Because, apparently, if you give the Betta a piece of pea, weekly, it won't get constipated. I guess there is nothing worse than a constipated Betta. I don't plan on finding out.
Now my betta's? Since I've done this?
are so much more beautiful, so much more happy. They actually dance. When I walk up to the tank, they come to the front, even if I just say hello to them, and wiggle and dance for me. Then they swim away, to admire their plants. Or tease their Oto buddies. Or search for bits of delectable pea.
Who knew?

So. Do me a favor.
don't buy a Betta, if all you want is something easy to keep in a cute little habitat. Get something else. A snail, a crab, hell, even goldfish do better in small bowls. (though I am sure they prefer room to stretch, too). Get a hamster and stick it in one of those orbs that travel around the house. Get anything but a Betta.
Buy a Betta if you want a beautiful, playful fish, if you can give it at least 2 gallons of a tank, which really isn't that expensive.
Buy a Betta if you want a majestic, beautiful fish to brighten up your space.
But if you can't treat it right? Just don't buy it. It's feelings won't be hurt, I promise you.

(climbing down of soap box, and going to give her Betta's a treat).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bloggingham Love Shack (aka The Romance Meme)

1. What is the craziest thing you've ever done in the name of love?

I married a Marine. One I hadn't seen in awhile, related to both of us being in the military. It was crazy. I took a chance, and it didn't quite work out. But I can't say I regret it.

2. How much mystery should there be in a relationship? Is it a good thing or not? Mystery has it's uses, especially in the beginning of a relationship. It is always good to keep them guessing, isn't it? Or is it. I'll never tell.....
3. Is there someone in the blogosphere you'd like to get to know more intimately? Have you been too shy to ask? Let me help you. Write a 3 sentence anonymous blove letter to them in this meme. Um. No.... the love of my life just walked in the door, and he already knows how I feel about him. Its all good. But thanks for asking. He has his own blog, though....
Leave a link if you dare. (I promise not to tell!)
"Dear Blogger, I've been meaning to tell you for the longest time that I ___________etc etc"

Or if you wish, do some matchmaking instead. "Dear Blogger #1 and Blogger #2, I think you would be perfect for each other. This is why..."

4. Describe a "perfect evening" with the one you love. Snuggling down under a down comforter, with a nice bottle of ice wine, watching the snow fall, knowing everything in our world is safe and happy.

5. If you are in a relationship, describe the one thing that makes it work well for you. If you are not in a relationship, do you want to be? If so, what type of romance are you looking for? What would it look like in your life? My relationship with MM works because we have honest respect for each other, we tell the truth to each other, and we know how to forgive each other when we need to. I really couldn't ask for more than that. Neither of us expects perfection, neither of us GIVE perfection. And we can tolerate each others imperfections...

6. If you had to choose between having good sex (I told you not to let your mother read this) OR intelligent conversation on a regular basis, which would you choose and why? Intelligent conversation. Because years and years and YEARS from now when I am old Hag, I don't plan on being demented and I want to have someone to talk to. I hate not having anyone to talk to.

and finally.....a purely selfish question:

7. I've got the Bloggingham Blues. What type of man is right for Queen Mimi Pencil Skirt? Do any of you see love in her foreseeable future? What do you suggest I do to spice up my love life? What am I doing wrong????!

Far as I can see, the only thing you are doing wrong is thinking you are doing wrong. You are on the path you need to be, just enjoy it.....