Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Mush

ah, Monday. Back again to taunt me with your dark view of the long week. Someone had to be the first day of the work week, and its you...

We really shouldn't hate you this weekend, some of this household didn't get much of a weekend. Mustang Man had to work Saturday, he wasn't home again until 6 am Sunday morning. To say he was tired would be a gross understatement.
Some of us maybe had TOO much weekend, Mustang Girl was out and about with her friend for the majority of the weekend, returning home Sunday evening, just in time to finish her Sunday chores.

And me?
My weekend was mostly revolved around the fish tank, (had a few casualties, and even found a teeeny baby fish, which ended up getting eaten by someone during the night.... its the law of nature.), cooking us decent things to eat, and other typically boring, usual weekend stuff. I return to work tonight, alas...


sybil law said...

My weekend was very blah, too. Sinus issues and soccer games, oh joy!