Thursday, July 2, 2015

4 years

its been four years. That just blows my mind. I knew it would go by fast, though, in those first few months, when MB was new, and no one was sleeping, and everything was on a huge learning curve, time seemed to be standing still and speeding forward all at once.
     He asks me now, to look at pictures of when he was a baby. He's got 2 brand new cousins, born this summer, and seeing the little baby girls has made him curious about his babyhood. MM and shake our head in almost disbelief over how tiny and fragile he was. (Almost, because we did live it, after all). We haven't broken him yet, I remind myself, as I sit here, typing, looking at my gangly kid watching Paw,Patrol in his orange minion skivvies.
     He's so smart, now. He makes me a cup of coffee, every morning. He's reading, without realizing it most of the time, but he reads. He's starting to write letters, he loves glue crafts, his new transformer, and the catapult he got for his birthday. He started swimming lessons this week, and did really well. He's not a fan of laying on his back to float, though.
     He sleeps, oh can he sleep. All night in his own bed, and, usually, at least a two hour afternoon nap. I get more done in that two hours. Or I watch inappropriate television. Either way I get a brain rest from the incessant "why, mom?"
     The big decision is coming up, though. Kindergarten. There is no absolute, anymore, of public schooling. Private school is not a consideration, the only one local would be impossible for us to afford. But there are 2 charter schools. And we are strongly interested in that option. I've got a year to gather the information, and we will decide.
It's been a wild ride to four, and I'm sure the fun is really just beginning