Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Mieography

2 for the price of one this week. It's hokey, but because it's Valentines Weekend I thought I would do the sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, better known as the majority of Heart. (get it?)

Ann is the eldest sister, born to a Marine Corps colonel, and his wife. Nancy is just a few years younger THeir family moved around a lot, being as her father was career military, and even lived in Taiwan for awhile. Eventually, they settled in Bellevue, Washington, a suburb of Seattle.
Ann was the shyer of the sisters, related to the fact that she was plagued by a stutter. She turned to music early in her life, she sings, and plays the flute, and occasionally, the guitar. In the early 1970's, she joined a band called "Whiteheart", which later became Heart. This came about because first Ann got involved with Michael Fisher, who, along with his brother Roger, had formed the band "Whiteheart" before Mike had run away to Canada, to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War. Mike had snuck back home for a visit, and saw Ann performing with a band called 'Hocus Pocus'. Before long, Ann followed Mike to Canada, soon followed by Roger, and the other founding member of Heart, Steve Fossen. Nancy followed her sister, and became involved with Roger, and before long, the two couples were running the show.
Their first album, "Dreamboat Annie" was released in Canada in 1975, and then the United States. "Magic Man" is themost recognized song from that one. They had to remain in Canada until 1977, when Jimmy Carter granted amnesty to the Vietnam draft evaders. At this time, they were free to tour the United States. They enjoyed much success, but before 1980 their demise was near. Roger was fired from the band, because he had a breakdown on the "Dog and Butterfly" tour, which involved him throwing a guitar at Nancy's head. Michael left Ann for another woman. After that, it was obviously just the two sisters. They eventually made a comeback, though the band became much more "radio friendly", losing their rock tones.
Nancy Wilson married Cameron Crowe, and has made many appearances in his movies. The sisters continued to perform together, sometimes using the name Heart, and sometimes using the name "The Lovemongers", and performing accoustically. Ann gained weight, and got much, much negative publicity related to her weight gain. Nancy eventually took a break from music to concentrate on her family. Ann continued to tour with her own band, occasionally joined by Nancy. Nancy, working on her husbands many films, wrote and produced many of the songs he used in his films, especially "Vanilla Sky". In 2002, Heart reformed with both sisters, and toured, performing their old songs. Ann Wilson continues to release solo records as well. Some of their songs are even on "Rock Band".


sybil law said...

I never would've put Heart and V - Day together. ;)
Magic Man is one of the only songs I really like by Heart - Barracuda is good, but pretty cheesy, too.
Either way, good one!
And is there gonna be a love story tomorrow? Maybe a massacre?! Hmm?!

Anonymous said...

I love heart!

Those girls rocks!

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOO!!!! Heart was my first FAVORITE band.

Dad brought one of their tapes back from a trip for me once and I was hooked!

Bubblewench said...

Our one little girl cat is named Wilson after these ladies because she has a big heart on her side.

Daryl said...

Cool .. I met Cameron Crowe while he was working on the interview that years later became the basis of his film Almost Famous ...