Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Odd thoughts Tuesday, mostly about dogs. Meh.

Off all the things I watch on television, probably one of the strangest thing I like to watch is the Westminster Dog Show. I like seeing all those dogs, I actually thing most of them look confused on why the hell they are doing what exactly they are doing. What entertains me more are the owners and handlers talking about what a good time the dog is having during the show. Sure, they are having a good time, they are getting attention!
Certain groups I like better than others. Like the herding group. Those dogs tend to be smart, and energetic, and they are not little yipping bossy things. I will admit I am not a big fan of the little yippers. Plus, I like to see dogs I have neer heard of, like a Bouceron. Ever heard of those guys? Me neither. But they herd. Just ask "Leo",
I don't watch all of the dog show, because, frankly, it gets boring after so long. Ideally, I would watch the few catagories I like, and then, maybe, catch the very final round just to see who one. Last year, it was a beagle. I found myself wishing the people had named it Snoopy, though.
I think the same people that do the announcing for the Westminster Dog Show also announce for the Golf Channel. They get at about that same level of whispered excitement.
My other favorite thing about watching these shows is about how much the handlers usually resemble the dogs. Some lady just ran past with her dog, and I think the judge could have checked her teeth and coat as well as the dog's. THAT would be entertaining.
As I watch this, my dogs are sacked out on the floor, in front of the fireplace, tired from playing another game of tackle football without the football in the snow that is lingering in the yard. I swear if I'd make them a bowl of soup and some hot chocolate they'd suck it down and be happy for it right about now. Audrey, the biggest of my cats, and the "alpha" of the household, is laying right next to them. Those dogs do not move in the house unless she lets them, she has more control over them then we do, I think.... Maybe I should have HER take them to a dog show, to see if they can get anywhere. But my girls are not purebred, so, we'd probably, undoubtedly epically fail. They'd start playing tackle without the football right in the arena...


sybil law said...

I actually watched the dog show this year, too! I even picked that pointer as the winner! I love herding dogs, too, but really like the hunting dogs (like the pointer).

Mary said...

Westminster kind of bores me, but I love watching the agility dog shows while my hundred pound dead weight of a dog snores loudly at my feet.

Daryl said...

I am confused, wasnt the dog show on Thanksgiving day right after the Macy's Parade and before Miracle on 34th Street? They have them twice a year?

NanaKaos said...

I love to watch the same portions that you watch. Usually DK and I watch to catch a glimpse of the Rotties. You don't see them very often, but we miss our Gracie so much and know that we will never again have one of these gentle giants in our lives.

I dislike the "yipping ankle nippers" too. You don't see them coming, and they move faster then you can hear their "yip."

bernthis said...

I can't watch that show and not think of that fab movie "Best in Show". It just ruined it for me.