Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ever have one of those days?

well this is one for me. I should have probably stayed in bed.
I did sleep in, because I am scheduled to work the next three nights, and most of the time when I want and need to nap, I can't sleep. So I just try to make myself sleep in.
So I got out of bed, hung around chatting with MM a bit. Decided to go to the store and get a few groceries so we'd have choices for dinner this week.
I got to the store fairly un-eventfully, despite the traffic rolling around. It was IN the store where things started to fall apart. Over in the bagel section, I leaned in too close, trying to determine age of said "fresh" bagels and somehow managed to whack my OPEN eye on the sneeze guard. WTF? THAT, my friends, takes TALENT. I think I deserve an award for that.
SO I wander the store, blinking my watering eye, wondering what it looks like, and come away with my groceries. Home is probably about 6 miles from the store. But to get out of the parking lot it is a left hand turn. So I pull forward a bit to see if I can go and see a HUGE line of cars coming in both directions. Figuring I should back up a wee bit, because, well, some of those cars are going fast and stupid, and I like my Jeep in one piece, thanks very much, I look in my rear view mirror, and not seeing a whole lot, proceed to back up. What I Didn't see was the little shitty car that was so close to the ass of my jeep I still could not see it in any mirror or blind spot check. NO I didn't hit the little shit car, they honked. But they need to learn not to crawl up someone's tail pipe.
So here I sit, winking my eye, not willing to go anywhere. Hoping that I can be on call tonight....


david mcmahon said...

Hope you don't have another one of those days.

Anonymous said...

I hate those days.

I always hurt myself in the dumbest ways possible. If I'm hurt, I at least want a good story out of it.

holly said...

now if you'd have sneezed first, that might have helped you. unless you're far-sighted.

crossed fingers for "on call".

mielikki said...

David- here's hoping. Especially because I am momentarily on my way to work...

K- I know! Something more exciting than hitting my eye on a damn sneeze guard

Holly I guess I will shove pepper up my nose first to ensure that I sneeze. Meanwhile, no on call, oh well

sybil law said...

Eye hate when that happens! Ouch!!!
Hope your eye is better and you're on call!!