Friday, February 3, 2012

that rocked!


I got it!

That interview was SO GOOD. The Hospice facility is so beautiful, and the work they do there? Awe inspiring. I ended up wanting that job even WORSE after I finished the interview and toured the facility. I felt comfortable, and at home, and, less than 2 hours after I left the place, they called me with an offer better than what I was hoping for.
I landed a full time position, they are going to train me up so that I will be very able to handle all the hoopla, AND they are going to pay me!
I feel lucky and blessed and I know I traded up for sure on the job front!
I totally CAN have all that happiness I've been seeking!
I'm more excited about this job than I have been about any other. I think it's good for me, my family, and my soul.
I love it when a plan works out. I need to listen to my gut more often!
And of course, my wonderful MM. Who was telling me the whole time that things were going to be okay, and I'd get it :)
So, onward we go, into new, fabulous territory!


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Daryl said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so knew you'd get it .. xoxo