Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back in the land of the living

Whew, this winter is really a hot mess! Or, a cold mess? Yes. Cold mess.

My standing joke is that every year, for my birthday, I get weather. Being born in February, thats a given. I actually don't really mind.
This year was not an exception. MM took me out for a nice dinner, and as we were sitting at this cute table by a warm fireplace, the big, giant flakes of snow started to fall. And continued to fall.
We knew this storm was coming. We knew that a shit ton of snow was going to fall. On top of the shit ton of snow we'd gotten the week before.
Even with the shit ton the week before, we lost power, but only for a day. I now think a day is a short amount of time. Sigh.
This fresh storm, though, was very like the November one. Down trees. Unplowed roads, people everywhere freaking out. And, even MORE people in our community lost power, meaning PGE was spread very thin.
So. No power. This time Thursday-Sunday night. We got a hotel room right away this time, because I knew I needed hot, running water. We had to stay there until last night, because the plowing people? Left a five foot berm at the foot of our driveway.
Now, Roxie is a bad ass jeep. BUT, even she has her limitations.
I am SO glad to be home now. And yes we are getting a generator. However, the people that sell them totally price gauge during the winter, so we will wait, so that we can get it for the RIGHT price this summer. I don't want to spend more than we have to.
On the baby front, we finally, in the midst of the storm, got our amniocentesis results. The baby is chromasomally perfect. And he's also still a boy, we are 100% sure now. Big giant sighs of relief. It was very good news to hear.
The debate of names continues....


Finding Pam said...

What a blessing that your baby is pefect. I know that you must be relived to know.

We loose our power a lot especially in the hot summer time due to over use of electricity. We have lost it in the winter as well.

We bought a generator that will keep the fridge, TV and a lamp on until the power returns.

It still sucks and I would love to have a whole house generator, but it cost a small fortune not to mention that we would have to have a butane tank.

I hope you are feeling well.

sybil law said...

I have the perfect name: Angus.
Also, Bon Scott. There's a kindergartener with that name, and it is genius and awesome.

mielikki said...

How about Dave Grohl?

Bubblewench said...

LOL! I was gonna say how on earth did Sybil NOT say Dave Grohl??

Glad you made it through the storm and that the little guy is doing well.

Daryl said...

And .. did you get the baby Toon I sent you?