Tuesday, March 22, 2011

update, anyone?

Well I suppose I could actually update on Mustang Boy, couldn't I?

I am still just making myself take this pregnancy day by day, thinking too far ahead hurts my brain too much, and I get too excited, and, truthfully, kind of scared of the whole being in labor thing...
I am getting a bit rounder, spreading out more. The baby movement is starting to be felt, sporadically, though he gave me some pretty good kicks right below the belly button the other night when I was changing position. We had a check up the other day, and all was fine. For once, Dr. D was able to find his heartbeat without the little Rascal hiding!
What hasn't been so much fun is the joint and sciatic pain from all the Relaxin my body is releasing, to make things, well, Relax.
Its not just the uterine ligaments that react, apparantly. Geez. Pain has become a frequent companion, and finding a comfortable position to sleep in is still kind of an issue.
On the plus side, I got a new 'easy chair'. Its called "The Beast". I LOVE IT.
I sleep in it very comfortably, frequently. Just naps, though...
Oh, and we found the cutest onesie for him the other day, it has a picture of Pig Pen on it, and it says "I blame my parents". I had to have it! Its awesome and I cannot wait to put him in it.
I am still emotional, and hormonal. I vacillate between tears and anger fairly frequently, especially if I am takes very little to make me cry, too, I've had to start being careful what news I watch on TV. The whole Japan thing is still just KILLING me.
And so is the NEVER ENDING SNOW.
It has snowed every freaking day this week. We've got at least a 2 foot accumulation, again.... I WANT SPRING!!!!! NOW!!! But we do have power, and joy of joys, MM found a very affordable generator for us, we should be getting it this week sometime. YAY! But I am still desperate for some sunshine....


sybil law said...

I am SO glad to hear about the generator - I worry about you guys with no power!
I want spring, too. It's nice here today (low 70's) but tomorrow and the rest of the week is supposed to be back in the frigging 40's. It makes me want to punch people.
Love the shirt.
And dammit - I forgot the baby thing again, like a true suck. I will get on it, I PROMISE. Gilda is going to my parents this weekend, so I will definitely have some time and space!!

CamiKaos said...

So happy to hear about the generator. Can't wait to see pics in that onsie.

Love love love to you

Daryl said...

I would send you some sun but the little we have will be short lived because snow is due tomorrow .. GAH ... glad to hear you have a comfy place to nap and new generator WOOT ... be gone pain be gone ... xoxo

Mimi said...

Yay for the generator!

Bubblewench said...

Glad you finally got that generator! Whew. And what is with all the damn snow??