Thursday, June 21, 2007

little shy girl

This is me, during, perhaps, my shyest period. I could not meet, and talk to someone new without blushing deep red, up to the top of my blonde head. And I would barely talk, and hide behind people I knew.For a long time, that flute you see was my best friend.
I worked hard to overcome my shyness, because it was even more embarrassing to be embarrased, if that makes any sense.
That little shy girl still lives in me, though. She will always be a part of me. I don't blush and hide anymore, but I do struggle. Especially when I am going on a first date.
Yep, thats where I was. Another first date. The last 'first date', that went so well? He's still a nice guy, still out there. He is just too busy to commit any time to anything. I want to be more than an 'afterthought', or a convienence.
Tonights first date was a long time in coming. This man is also computer generated, and I've been communicating with him for awhile. He is a self admitted introvert, and "geek boy". (His words, not mine.). We've e mailed, we've had phone conversations. He is very shy, and when he called me the first time, he asked for me by a wrong name. It was funny.
So, we met tonight, in the parking lot of a Target, in a town in between where we both live. (His town is about an hour from mine, in good traffic). My first impression? He looks like a younger version of my Uncle B. He really does. Dark hair, brown eyes, glasses. He dressed up, too. Slacks and sportscoat. I wore a dress, and was glad for it. He even brought me a gift, a book he had told me about that I must have expressed an interest in. It was packed in a gift bag, with at least 10 sheets of pink tissue paper. Sweet. He is very charming. We had a nice dinner, with good conversation. He's an engineer, and very smart, almost scary smart. (Hence, his refrencing himself as 'geek boy'.). I had a nice time. I think he did, too.
My little shy girl was with me, but she recognises a kindred spirit. She liked him, too, and let me talk to him without blushing, or hiding behind anyone. Now, we have to see if the shy boy in him agrees.


CamiKaos said...

that was such a sweet post.

Bubblewench said...

cute.... sounds like a nice night

sybil law said...

Aww, I love reading about the dates! Especially the good ones! I think he sounds great, by the way.