Friday, June 8, 2007

powdered alcohol and Wee Wee

Once again, I have been reading the strange and unusual news pages. I swear, I could not dream this stuff up.
The dutch are at it, again. This time, some University students have invented powdered alcohol. Just add water. It turns into a lime flavored drink, (sounds gross to me.). Since the alcohol content is less than 3 %, they are allowed to sell it to kids. "We are aiming for the youth market" these university students admit. The drinking age in the Netherlands is 16, but this product can be sold to those younger than sixteen because of the low alcohol content. I have to admit, this amuses me, because I have a vision of all these kids thinking they are getting some great thing, this powdered alcohol. I wonder what happens if one of them snorts it? Or tries to smoke it? You know they'll try. And, I wonder if there are more flavors in store, rather than some strange, probably butt puckery lime flavor.
And, now, for Wee Wee. Wee Wee was a Canadian goose that lived in Marysville. It was a family pet, and some guy shot Wee Wee, out of season. So he was arrested, and is going to court on various counts, like hunting without a liscence, and shooting game out of season. The family is very distraught over Wee Wee's loss. They'd rescued him (her?) from a river near Sacramento. He lived in one of their rice ponds (paddies?). They even had a sign up requesting that no one shoot their pet goose. They found poor Wee Wee floating in the rice paddy. It seems Wee Wee went all the way home. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Obviously, my period of not being able to form a coherent thought is over. (Though, by the content of this post, that's debatable.). Oh well, there's always tomorrow!


CamiKaos said...

what a name. I feel sad for wee wee's family.

wee wee

CamiKaos said...

and for some reason I kept reading "powdered" as "powered" and could not figure out what the hell you were saying.

sybil law said...

Are you reading by any chance?! Haha
Man, seriously - what the hell?!
Weewee is a hilarious name. Maybe they are dutch, and their last name is like, Yurin, or something. Hahahaha

Bubblewench said...

where do you get this shit? and the dutch???