Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fairy Tale, mielikki style

Once upn a time, a looooong time ago, this poor sailor was stationed in the republic of California. The Naval Air Station they sent him to was rather pitiful, and just no fun for this boy from Iowa. He found his way to a bar, to drink away his sorrow, and lo! and behold, he met a charming gentleman whom he began talking to. It turns out, this charming man liked to open the lovely home he and his beautiful wife had established to lonely servicemen. They could come, eat home cooked meals, and enjoy a "normal" life. All they had to do was help with a few chores around the house. So, lonely Iowa sailor went to visit this charming man's home, where he met charming man's daughter.

for inquiring minds, this is 'Aunt Tuna'

Pretty, wasn't she? However, she had a boyfriend. His name was Fritz, and he had webbed toes. (She told me so.).
Tragedy struck the beautiful girl, and she was in a car accident. She fell out of a moving church van, and hurt her back. The evil, webtoed Fritz did not come see her while she was in the hospital, making her sad. So, handsome sailor boy, hearing that she was sad, came to visit her instead. They talked, and, became friends. She dumped the evil Fritz and went on a date with Sailor boy. He tried to unbutton her sweater, and she slapped him. But then, she went out with him again, and again, and again.
Soon, the sailor boy's time in the Navy was up. Torn, and not knowing what to do, he went home to Iowa, where he could make a living with his brother, driving truck. But he could not forget about pretty girl. Before she knew it, he was back in California, and then, this happened:

Happy 43rd Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad. Many, many more.


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make me all teary eyed without booze

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awwww... that's so sweet!

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Love the story! Happy Anniversary!