Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the flogging will continue until Moral improves

Having just had dinner with Celtic Rose, and dropping a few subtle hints (that could have hit the broad side of a barn) to blog! I have it on good authority that she is posting as I type. If this isn't the case, I invite all of you bombard her with requests for the rat story she told me at dinner time. It was pretty funny.

In another update that may interest a few of you, shy, geek boy would like another date this weekend. Of course, I agreed. And since he was sweet, and bought me a book, I am going to make him some chocolate chip cookies. I hope he isn't allergic or anything.

Oh, and my car and I are still invisible, just ask the pedestrians in the parking lot who were walking very slowly, right down the exit way. Or, the foolish man, out riding a bike after dark, with no lights, and a toddler in the kid seat behind him. GRRRRR


Celtic Rose said...

Sigh . . . . it is there, far be it from me to let you down!


CamiKaos said...

Finally I can leave a comment, though now I can't recall what I wanted to say cause it took so damn long... but I want chocolate... I think I will go get some, there must be some in the kitchen...

Bubblewench said...

have a good 2nd date!! I drive an invisible car too.