Monday, June 18, 2007

I love my family, but. . .

A few times, here and there, I have indicated that if my family ever found my blog, I'd be horrified, and never, ever blog again. I'm sad to say, its true. I wouldn't. Or, at the very least, I'd have to change my blogging address, and tell them I quit blogging.
I guess, I should really explain why.
I love my family. I really do. We are pretty close, talking with each other during the week, getting together frequently. But, there are aspects of me that they just cannot seem to get. My humor is one of them. My Dad understands it, but the man has nothing to do with computers.I would let him read my blog daily if he wanted to.
My Mom, on the other hand, gets her feelings hurt easily. While we were in Washington, checking into the hotel, she was telling one of the clerks how to spell Nixon. (One of our last names, not mine, thank God). I snickered, and made the appropriate joke about telling someone in DC how to spell Nixon was like teaching a rocket scientist that 2+2 was 4. That did it. She got mad at me and said I made fun of her, IN PUBLIC. She just doesn't get it. It would be for sure, I would write something, sometime, that would set her off, and I'd be in the doghouse for weeks. Or, something would offend her, for some insane reason. It's just not worth it.
Older sister can't find this blog, because while we talk semi frequently, and get along better now, I don't really want her inside my head. She will manipulate information to use to her advantage. We've had our problems, and while she is my sister, I don't consider her a good friend. And that is sad. Plus, if she ever caught wind I wrote about her daughter (which I have) she'd come to my home and probably assault me. (I don not kid.)
I probably wouldn't mind middle sister reading what I blog. She and I are close. But, she has three boys under the age of 10, and idiot husband and his idiot family (she would agree with me) 3 dogs, 2 birds, and a full time nursing job. You do the math. Later, when her life is not a tornado, I may well introduce her to blogging. If she could find the time for it, I bet she'd have some great blogging material. Right now, I just have to make sure she comes up for air every now and then. But. She would probably spill to my mother, then, I'd be back to square one. So.
There you have it. The main reasons why I keep my family out of my blog. Maybe, someday, I'll change my mind, but I'm doubtful.

** 4 pm edit
Duh. Blame my brain death from working last night, and having an, er interesting shift. For any not in the know, CK is also my family, she is my cousin, and I love the fact that not only does she read my blog, she is the one who single handedly got me into blogging in the first place. And I am glad for it!


CamiKaos said...

i love you sleepy one.

mielikki said...

Love you too, Cami. Guess I could mention that some of my family does read this, huh! Duh. . .

sybil law said...

I would not want my family reading my blog, either. Except, oddly, MY cousin - she and I are really close. Cousins are more like friends, I guess. Yay for cousins!

Mimi said...