Monday, June 25, 2007

art withdrawl

I love going to museums. It was one of my favorite parts of my trip to NY and DC. Museums out here in the republic of California are few and far between, and most of them cover native american, and some mexican art. I can get into that, too, but what I really love, and want to see again and again and again, are the old world painters.
There is something about standing in front of a famous piece of art, looking at the brush strokes, finding the signature, noting the detail, and in the case of Picasso, wondering what the hell the painting is of, and what he was on when he painted it.
My favorite museums are the one where you can stand as close as you want to the painting, without touching it, of course. The Getty, in Los Angeles, lets you do that. The Louvre, surprisingly, lets you. So does the Metropolitan in NYC. I was in heaven at all those.
So far, one of my favorites is Degas. And not for the ballerina's, either. (Though they do have their charm.) He painted other subject matter, and did some sculpture, as well.
And I also love the sculptures. I was lucky enough to find the Rodin museum in Paris. Large sculptures in an outside park area, and yes, I could walk right up to them, even touch! though I didn't dare. I also saw quite a few of Rodin's work in the Metropolitan.
Now, if I could just get a major museum built into my hometown. Sigh. Maybe, when I marry the old millionaire with one foot in the grave. . .
(a girl can dream, can't she?)


CamiKaos said...

maybe it's the family genes again but I understand.

Though I love our museum here.

On an unrelated note K is using the red scarf you made her as a tail while she plays dress up... so obviously it is going to good use.

mielikki said...

lol, every girl should have a fluffy red tail while she is playing dress up!

Bubblewench said...

There is a Rodin Gardem here in Philly that is quite nice. Our Art Museum is pretty rockin actually. But my favorite of all time is the Monet room at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Ah Monet!! And I love Vermeer.... the Degas they have at the Met though are amazing. When I lived in NYC, that was the best part...

David in DC said...

At my folks' house greeting cards are placed in the louvers of the coat closet.

We call it the Louver Museum.

mielikki said...

DiDc! funny funny funny! I nearly did a spit take with my Iced Tea!
BW: when I come visit Philly I really want to go see that Rodin Garden. I looove his work. Monet is awesome, as well.
CK: when I come to portland, I would love to see your museum!

sybil law said...

Art museuams are flipping rockin', anywhere. (But I too would get sick of the mexican and and native american art.) Some of my best memories are in art mesueums... congrats! You may have answered my "what to do with Gilda on this rainy day" dilemma! Thanks! :)