Sunday, June 24, 2007


I just love Sunday's, usually. For me, this is the lazy day, the day to sleep in, ignore any outstanding chores, and do what I want.
I have one problem. No one I work with wants to work on Sundays. So, I have been. Working Sundays. All of them.
I would really like to end this trend, but, I haven't talked all the patients into going home on Sunday so that none of us would have to work. They just don't see it my way.
So, I continue to put myself down, for Sunday. Occasionally, I get rebellious, and DON'T. Sometimes, they even leave it alone, and I get an odd Sunday off. But not lately.
I miss Sunday. Its just not the same to me, anymore. Because I always have to go back to work Sunday night. It takes the fun right out of the day.
Maybe I should declare another day of the week Sunday. I've tried that, in my mind. It just didn't feel the same.
For now, I am going to live this way, with my Sunday's not being Sundays.
But when Football season starts, they better find a new Sunday patsy. Because, no one gets between me, and my football. (especially when I am doing the football pool with my family.)


Bubblewench said...

are we going to have football wars?? GO EAGLES!!!