Thursday, June 14, 2007

Internet dating at its finest.

The wierd news stories find their way to me. I swear it. While I was innocently perusing what was going on in the world today, procrastinating all the other stuff I should be doing, like usual, I ran across this gem.
It seems some x-ray technician near Marsailles, France, got lonely. So, he went onto the world wide web to find himself a girl, or two (or three).
For six months, he talked to "Sweet Juliette", calling himself the Prince of Passion or some such merde. (Shit in french, another useful thing I learned in highschool). At some point in time, their talk even got 'racy'. (Imagine that!).
During this six months, he asked for a picture of his "Sweet Juliette". She sent one, and was gorgeous!
The time came, finally, that he asked her to meet him. He picked a beach near Marsailles, AFTER DARK. (What were they going to do, do you think?)
She was there, white shorts, pink tank top. Just like she said she would be. Thinking he was going to meet the girl of his dreams, the Prince, aka Daniel stepped forward eagerly, only to see Sweet Juliette was Nicole


Yes, this man cozied up to his mother for six months via the world wide web. They shared poetry, and dreams. And false pictures, obviously. To make matters even more fun, they were busted for being on the beach after dark, and, flustered, they told the policeman the whole story. Stupidity must run in the family. Why would you admit all this out loud?
Amused, the cop told this story, (over and over) and the next thing they knew, they were in the news. Which really pissed off Daniel's father, who is still married to the Sweet Juliette. It embarrassed him in front of his beer drinking crony's. He has since forbidden his wife to talking to anyone over the internet. C'est La Vie!


CamiKaos said...

what the freak. Really. Can't think. can't reason. can't deal. so stange.

Mimi said...


Although, remember that song about Pina Coladas way back in the 70s? These things happened way before the internet.

sybil law said...

Ew. Nasty.
I always wonder about these kids being born through artificial insemination, too. Like, potentially, couldn't they end up dating, etc, and then find out they were having sex with a half sibling?! EW.

David in DC said...

Now there's an uplifting story.

Thanks for sharing it.

(I thought of the Pina Colada song too.)