Saturday, June 21, 2008

Short Story Saturday

today's story is special. It was written by me in October of 1979, when I was in forth grade. My Mom saved it. I think it is the first short story I ever wrote. If I could scan this in to show you my 4th grade cursive, I would. But I will post this story just like I wrote it, spelling errors, and all....(the teacher gave us the introductory paragraph, I remember. The rest is all mine....)

Traci Being a balloon.

I started out flat, get blown up until I am very fat and then I begin to wait for the end. A balloon has a very short life, but it is exciting.
*Here is where my story starts*

Today I almost got popped and since a baby owns me, it started to scream when its father almost sat on me. Then she waddald over and threw me in the air over to her mother, who was sewing. I almost touched her needle but she caught me just in time and threw me to the father, who threw it to baby Linda. Linda's last name is Green. She caught me and took me to her younger sister. She tryed to put me in mothers tummy. I started to talk that night to her mother and father. They were so Surpriseed! They named me Traci. I had eyes, an nose and a mouth. Because they drew them.
The next morning was Christmas morning. I had no idea what Chrristmas was! Linda got a doll. The parents got me a balloon body. so I could walk. but then Linda got a cat who tried to pop me. but I ran from her and she chased me all over the house. In my room she bloced me against the wall/ I was skared and she popped me.
The End.

So there you go. My first story, spelling errors and all. I was skared. (lol). I find it interesting that the balloon person had a room, and knew how to run with the balloon body. Note also how I referred to baby Linda as "it" I also tried to say that the mom was pregnant, hence the "tryed to put me in mothers tummy". The handwriting on this is hilarious. I actually remember writing this story. I started it at school, was supposed to finish it at home, but didn't. Instead, I finished it on the benches on the playground right before it was due. I think that's why it has such a quick ending of death by cat claws.....


sybil law said...

I LOVE seeing old things I wrote or drew as a kid - they make me laugh! As did your story! "Waddald" made me LOL. Hahahahaha

Daryl said...

Wonderful .. but no fair to explain or analyze .. its got a beginning a middle and an end . .its got adventure and pathos and a family .. and a quick sharp death .. one of your best and spellink doesnt count!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, that was fabulous. I have no idea how old you are in fourth grade as it's a little different to here but I'm guessing pretty young. It showed so much imagination. I am not surprised. :D

holly said...

i love that at no point to you disclose what colour *you* are, but the last name of the family is green!

nice one.