Monday, June 23, 2008

madness, I say!

I don't know how much I am going to be posting this week, it is THE WEEK. The big week. We get house keys, and we kill ourselves to get MM out of his house by Friday, and hopefully, most of my stuff out of the "storage unit". Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I know you are reading this on Monday. But, I ain't gonna lie. Today is Friday. I am pre posting. Just because I can. And because today was goofy and I have to blog it!

So I went over to pack, and today was the day I really needed to be kind of done with the apartment. We have other fish to fry this weekend. Paint shopping, shopping for a few necessities, and, truthfully? Some time to relax and not stress. We are both kind of stressed.

As I was packing, and finding things. (found my great sunglasses that I thought I lost!) I realized, about 2 pm, that the box situation was dire. I had more books to pack, and other items, and I needed bigger boxes than the dinky ones I had. I have been collecting boxes at work now for 3 weeks. I had TONS of them. And I filled almost all of them. The surviving empties are just too small. Sighing, I called MM and whined a little about needing to actually *buy* boxes. Then I went to go get boxes.

I went to the Uhaul place in Podunk, where we will be retrieving a 17 foot truck of our own Tuesday morning. I walk in, and, I kid you not. 2 men sitting there, each one of them weighing in at what I would guess to be 500, A PIECE. And with them? A big, red Pit Bull. Helloooo.

I hesitate, because, frankly, I don't know who intimidated me more. The dog, or the men. I stupidly blurt out " do you sell boxes here" and one of the half ton masses moves his toothpick aside and points me in the direction of the wall to the left. Sure enough, huge pile of boxes. I peruse, and the dog comes to look with me. She sniffs my hand, but they call her back to where they were. I see the size I want. And look to see where they are in the massive piles of flat boxes leaning against the wall. They are in pre bundled sets, so, I end up with 15 of them. No, I didn't need 15 more boxes. But they buy back what you didn't use, and, frankly, I want to leave the store. I struggle, with my wimpy girl arms with my 15 boxes, up to the cash register, only to have the toothpick chewing Jabba man say "I could have helped you carry those."
"really? I think to myself. That would have been great. But I don't want to have to resuscitate your flabby self." But I keep silent. They do, after all, have a dog. After paying an EXHORBITANT amount of money for recycled cardboard, I start to head for the door. But Jabba man decides he will help. He carries my boxes to the Jeep. But I had to slide them in all the way. His arms couldn't do it.
I went back to the storage unit, and worked and toiled until MM was home, and met me for dinner. We tried a new place, in Nirvana City.
And the fun just never ended.
We had high hopes. It smelled good. It was Hula Friday, or something like that. Live music on the patio! The music was actually acceptable. We placed our drink orders, and, eventually our food orders. That was the last we saw of our waitress. I should mention she never even managed to bring us water. Someone eventually brought us food. We started with soup (MM) and salad (me). The salad was TINY. And the person who brought them promised us fresh bread that was supposedly "in the oven". Never got it. Then the entree's came. And they were "eh". We've had better. Podunk, and Nirvana City have lots of good eating places. This one, really isn't one of them. We finished our drinks fairly early, during the soup/salad debacle. We lined our glasses up for more. Hoping. I gave MM the rest of my iced tea, eventually. I'd ordered a cold beer to have with my meal. I got it cold in the bottle, but a warm glass. The serving person told me "don't pour it in the glass it will get warm." Seriously. Eventually, a young man came and cleared our dinner plates, and tried to clear off our glassware! "We wanted refills" I say. He went and refilled for us. Then we sat, for a half hour. Wondering if we still had a waitress. We had not seen anyone twice, except for this young lady who, I think was the hostess. Finally, we asked if we had a waitress. (We asked the hostess). She said she'd check, and then came back. Sure enough, our waitress had gone home! At that point we were more than irritated. The hostess assisted us in ordering dessert (a really good Banana's Foster Cheesecake.). Talking about the poor service we'd gotten, we decided we really should tell the manager. The same, unfortunate young man who'd tried to steal our glassware came by to clear the dessert plate. (we shared). We asked for the manager. He got wide eyed, and said he'd send her over. Moments later, some young blond thing comes by, and we tell her our tale of poor (no) service. And she says that she is "sorry". A few times. And tells us our waitress had been on overtime, so they sent her home. But she would "talk" with the one who had supposedly picked up our table. Yeah, and that would be?....
We told her we were not leaving a tip, but would tip the hostess, whom we saw more than anyone. She told us that was our right (duh), apologized again, then said she'd hope to see us again, soon (NOT!) and as she left, she said "we will give you the dessert for free". Yeah. Whatever. Free cheesecake does not make up for an evening of VERY POOR SERVICE. We paid our bill, wrote a comment on the receipt, tipped the hostess, and left. Swearing to never go back, and to tell our small community about the sucky service at THE TROLLEY IN NEVADA CITY, CALIFORNIA.
I still am not sure who the hell our waitress was.....
and we are still waiting for a drink refill.....


Daryl said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaargh ... at least you are well boxed ... keep breathing!!!!


Mimi said...


Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay on house keys, boo on the meal.
Hope you get all packed up and in soon. :D

sybil law said...

Nothing worse than shitty service, bad food and an inadequate manager.
I am pissed for you.
Now go get that house done. Also, what about the kitchen tiles? Did you decide anything, yet?

holly said...

well that is just IT!!! i am never eating there! no REALLY!!!