Monday, June 30, 2008

Catch up on my doings, lately

Though it really didn't do the orange justice, this is some of the smoke we've been living with/moving in. I gotta tell you, breathing in this is kind of a miserable experience. MM and I had to be careful, and plan our time outside wisely. We seem to be getting control of some of our fires near here, and though they predicted more thunder and lightning this weekend (and probably more fires) Knock on wood, we've had none, yet. We don't want any. Rain, though? Yes, please. Most of California has decided that fireworks ARE NOT a good thing this Fourth of July. So we won't be having any. I actually don't mind.
*edit to add* oops. Off on the picture marking. But I am sure all you smart people can figure out what is what in here. Oh well

So. See this stuff here? (or rather, down there?)

That's right. It is a paint additive. And yes, it says "Fresh Air" on it. There was also Vanilla, Island Breeze, and a few others I can't remember. When MM and I were out in the sooty air, getting paint, I stumbled across this. It says, right on the package, that the scent can last "up to 12 months".
The hell you say. That's what I said. I wanted to test it out. MM looked at me like I was crazy. But we bought some Fresh Air. And they mixed it into our paint for me. I eagerly awaited the day of paint. We teased and talked about the fresh air paint. Finally, yesterday evening, after we'd spent a good portion of our day taping off everything in a lovely shade of blue, MM and I cracked open the "allure blue".
I have to tell you, I am shocked and amazed. Does it smell like fresh air? I maintain it does. MM however, insists that it smells like Vaseline Intensive Care Skin Lotion. What it does not smell like, is paint.
Even now, a good 12 hours after we applied the paint, I smell the fresh air. And not paint. So, if any of you are going to paint, I do actually recommend this crazy stuff. As far as how long the fresh scent will last? Will it be up to 12 months? We shall see...

and last. But not least. Here is my finished kitchen. Please don't judge me by the curtains. Those are coming down, and getting changed out, as soon as I possibly can do it. Also, I will be painting a few of the tiles that you can't see in this picture. They have ugly, beige flowers on them. Still trying to decide what color to paint them. I am leaning towards cobalt blue.


Bubblewench said...

being a dork.. ok, the entire kitchen is tile, what on earth did you actually paint???

I'm paint jealous.

Lori said...

We just got rain so our fire is out, hopefully a bunch over there will be too.
I'm glad the wine is all unpacked and safe and sound in it's place.
And that paint additive sounds cool. I'll have to try it.

Daryl said...

First, thanks for the sweet words about my sis's cat ...

I wish I could get this Scentsations stuff but alas Husband bought the paint ... months ago .. although he still hasnt even thought about painting... I guess since the paint is bought he thinks its half done ... aaaaaaaaaggh

And .. try removing the flowers from the tiles w/a little acetone nail polish remover .. or even with a piece of steel wool ... do it to a corner or low sitting tile so if it doesnt work it wont look gross... I mixed tiles I got a airport shops in with plain white ones and some of the writing on the kitchy (?) tiles is off now from being cleaned! Sigh.

I will photograph and email you so you can see how clever I am .. NOT

I do like/see the wine rack .. the most important item!

Oh and I am going to print the truck .. do you want it matte or glossy or on a textured stock that looks like canvas?


holly said...

yes, i too am drawn to the wine rack. don't mind me and daryl, we'll just get stewed at your house, k?

mielikki said...

Oh yes please Holly and Daryl come and get stewed at my house. There is lots of good wine sitting in that rack just waiting. Most of it Bordeaux....

BW painting everywhere BUT the kitchen

Daryl- I already tried the scrape method on the ugly tiles. No dice. But Sybil Law went and found me the directions on how to paint over them.

sybil law said...

I've never heard of the fresh smell stuff - awesome!
Love the kitchen!!!!
need. More. House. Pics.

Jo Beaufoix said...

The fresh smell stuff sounds mad, but the kitchen looks great and can I come share the wine with Holl and Daryl??

mielikki said...

Syb- more coming, as we progress

Jo absolutely you must come and drink wine. And, almost a week later, I still detect the scent of "fresh air" in the house.....