Monday, June 16, 2008

brain fried

It finally happened
I broke my brain. At least, it feels that way.
What with things finalizing on the new house, my extreme summer cold, that is finally almost completely gone. (Still an occasional dry cough) packing, stressing, and a vacation that doesn't really qualify as a vacation (packing) it is no wonder I can't think of something to REALLY blog about today.
I am sure you don't want me to blog about the black cat hairball I just cleaned up. Really you don't.
Or the fact that MM thinks there is an animal conspiracy in the house, because they "know" we are moving.....
(I told him it isn't a conspiracy unless he steps in Poop).

These are the things bouncing through my brain right now. That, and the fact that I must get moving and go pack. This is getting old. I can't wait to move.

I will try to come up with something more fun and less whiny tomorrow. Meanwhile. Anyone want anything specific? Just leave your suggestions in the comments!


Bubblewench said...

The animals are conspiring, I know cause they called in Wilson & Mo Mo while you were out.

Do the 15 years in a nutshell thing I did! It was hard.. and fun!

MM said...

It's a conspiracy I tell you, just listen:

Daryl said...

LOL .. MM, hon, its not a conspiracy, its hair ball time .. Gus has left us a 'gift' for the last few mornings .. lucky I look where I am walking ... sigh ... and always in the same spot. He is a consistent old guy.... I always wish he'd groom more but now I am telling him he looks great and there's no need to save up for another present!