Thursday, June 5, 2008

go look at these links!

I have always known that teachers are pretty important people.
I have always felt like they don't make the earnings they should.
I have an Aunt who is a teacher. A great teacher. A teacher I would have loved to have.

The last few months, having experiences now with MG being in school up here, and hearing and seeing some of the information she comes home with has just made me value a good teacher MORE. Because, sadly enough, she has so FEW of them at the moment.

The other day, MM sent me a link. This link. He'd found him on youtube. I started reading, and listening to his poetry. He does "slam" poetry, but he does it WELL. And his poems are about the importance of teaching, and learning. Learning, both students, and teachers, alike. MM and I both spent a good hour, watching his youtube stuff, marveling at what a charismatic speaker he is, enjoying what he had to say. And eventually, wishing he was one of MG's teachers.

So go on over, and give Mr. Mali a listen. Tell me what you think. You can find the youtube stuff under Poem Videos. And, he also has a blog in there, too...I liked him enough to add him to my Tlish.

And, I might just add here. If you are NOT USING Treasurelicious yet. Why not? You totally should be. Totally. If I could think of a cool way to add Tlish to my own Tlish. I would. It's that much fun. Now get on it...


Lori said...

Hanging my head. I went to Treasurelicious, but got all confused. Where to get my pics? So, I left.

holly said...

i would think that wouldn't be too hard....

but it is 2am here. *nothing* is hard at 2am.


Daryl said...

I am going to print the truck photo on 'good' stock and after you're moved/settled I will send it to you.

Have you checked out