Tuesday, June 24, 2008

frustration at its highest level

It's like they are dangling the keys in front of our nose, and laughing.
It's like they know, in those last few hours, it is their last chance to screw with you.
This, my friends, is the closing of a house.

So MM takes an extra day off last week to sign the paperwork that they HAVE to have so that we can get the funding for the house, and then the keys, today. We go, we sign. We see the incredible hulk. And we wait...
and wait more
and today. It finally gets here. We have been waiting for this day. The DAY. The day of the keys. Even if it turned out to be later today. That was okay. We had a plan.
That is what screwed us up. We should have never had plans.

So instead of getting the keys, we got (eventually) phone calls. Papers that should have been signed that were "accidentally" left out. Problems getting employment verification, despite the fact that we have each provided them with W-2's for the last two years, paycheck stubs, social security cards and even some DNA (okay, not DNA but you get my point).
And through it all, my freaking realtor, who does not know how to retrieve messages off her new land line phone, OR her fricken new cell phone. Finally calls me and tells me its her job to keep me informed, yet, I should be calling her and telling her what the loan officer and title officer are telling me. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.
So, they SAY that we are going to get a "special close" tomorrow. (Well, today, now, because I am "pre-posting" again. In futile hope). And supposedly, our keys. Yet the realtor? Wants me to re arrange the rental truck to Wed. Thurs. instead of Tues/Wed.
We have to be OUT of this house by Friday.
You do the math.
Freaking people. I hate them all.
Except you, of course.
And MM.


Bubblewench said...

I'd like to be kickin some stupid realtor ass for you.. I hope it all works out today...

Daryl said...

I would so be telling the realtor off and putting her new phones up her ass .. or something equally unladylike.

Crossing digits it all gets sorted out and you move in on time ...

Fucking moron realtor bitch


sybil law said...

I will come over there and kick your pathetic realtor's ass!

CamiKaos said...




holly said...

carol burnett put it best in annie:


thinking good thoughts for your move!!!