Thursday, June 26, 2008

not for lack of blog fodder

But really for lack of time, and energy. Unless some miracle happens, I think/know that I am not up to finding a mieography, or writing out the story that is living in my head this week. MM and I breaking our asses to move, and as the only help we can seem to find is the help we have to pay, well, we are doing the bulk of it ourself. Middle sister is coming tomorrow, which will be some relief. But she can't lift anything. So I am having her do 'scut' work in the new house. Like lining the kitchen shelves with paper. It works.
Saturday is my parents 45th wedding anniversary. Every year, they have a big bbq at their house, and we watch the fireworks that can be seen from their balcony that they launch over the nearby lake. With the fire season already in full swing (800 fires in California right now) I personally think that this should be a NON FIREWORK year.
Anyhoo. MM and I are going to drag our sorry, beat up selves to the bbq, but leave well before the fireworks. I know we will need some time to recover from this week.
So, I will be back Monday. I hope.


Bubblewench said...

Best of luck. It will all be worth it when it's over and you finally get to settle in.

Lori said...

Good luck! The first little bit is oh so tiring, but soon you will be all settled and loving it (and providing pictures)!

Daryl said...

Wishing you ALL a long and happy life in the new to you house ... which I have no doubt will be totally 'you' in no time at all ... KEEP BREATHING!!!!!!


Mimi said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents, and travel safely.

And, congrats on the new place, and may it be a smooth move!

holly said...

yay for mum & dad! yay for house! yay for bbq! yay for sister! yay for *next* friday when i can read another mieography and chase it with a story. :)