Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my last 15 years

In a nutshell

I wasn't tagged by bubblewench but she suggested I do this, so, here goes. The last 15 years of my life. In 10 bullet points. Whoo hoo. This should be fun.

1. Got a job working in a 'Mini Mart' so I could afford to divorce the Italian, Mamma's boy Marine that didn't want to be married anymore.

2. Went on a few crummy dates, then gave up on men in general.

3. Put myself through Nursing School, working at same Mini Mart I got hired at to divorce the Marine.

4. Got a job at the hospital of my choice. Bounced around there for 3 years or so. Still given up on men.

5. Went online one day and found a job in Podunk, a place I'd always thought about living. Got the job and moved in less than a month.

6. Became an ICU nurse

7. Gave up my moratorium on men, but ended up dating the Village Idiot, followed closely behind by the Village Drunk, was considering giving them up again for my sanity

8. Went online again, but this time I found MM.

9. MG came back to live here in Podunk

10. We are in the death throes of purchasing a home together.

There you go. 15 years, in a very basic nutshell. Some of the good, fun detail-y stuff is obviously left out. Like the torture that was middle sisters wedding, my three nephews, my Dad's Cancer (well, that wasn't fun). But all that REALLY happened to other people, not me....


Bubblewench said...

That was cool. Nice of you to play.

david mcmahon said...

15 years in such a concise post. That's a top effort ...

holly said...

cool. life in bullet point. just like our forefathers. or foremothers. or both.