Monday, June 9, 2008

need.. to.... sleep....

I am sitting here, heavy lidded. I did something I rarely, if ever do, on my shift.
I took a nap on my lunch break.
We get generous lunches, usually. 1 hour. Tonight, due to unforseen circumstances, (ie really sick patients requiring MUCH nursing time)we only each took 45 minutes.
and though I slept really good yesterday
I am tired.
So I nodded off.
then jerked awake
then nodded off
then jerked awake
you get my drift.
And now I feel more tired than when I went on my break
thereby, defeating myself totally
which is why I don't ever nap at work.


Bubblewench said...

Hope you get to bed soon! I hate when I'm that tired...

Anonymous said...

I remember going to lunch at the evil insurance empire and seeing people in their cars with engine on napping for lunch. I never could do that. I'm sure some day I will. I used to do phone support and I dated a girl 3 hours away. I would leave her house at like 4 AM drive to work and hope for a long install call. I would sit under my desk and wait for the customer to tell me when it wanted a new disk and sleep in between.


Jo Beaufoix said...

Blimey Mie, hope you get some rest tonight.

Daryl said...

I hate naps. I love to sleep. Waking up is never fun. And to nap means to have to wake up AGAIN ... please get some good solid rest ... sleep well


sybil law said...

Oh joy. Napping sucks unless it can be done right.
Hope you get some sleep tonight!

holly said...

i had the opposite this weekend. i nearly slept my brains off. i should have given some to you. :)