Friday, June 27, 2008


Just a quick one. Finally online at the new to us house. Used my airport to connect (thanks Daryl!)
We've been working our hearts out. Turns out, no one came to help. Sis bailed last minute. The 2 guys we hired were excellent though and worked hard and efficiently to get us both moved out. I could not have thanked them enough.
So far, the only room that I have completely unpacked is the kitchen. And it looks wonderful. Pictures soon. Tomorrow, a much needed day off. ..


sybil law said...

I will look forward to seeing them once I'm back in town!
How exciting!!!

holly said...

me too! going to hay-on-wye. so long as the rain stays away. ..

Daryl said...

always happy to tech help .. I am so glad you are in... mazel tov .. and to you all a long, happy, healthy, prosperous life in the new to you house!


Bubblewench said...

Ok, people who stand up friends moving - BAD KARMA - they'll get theirs. I have learned never to turn a friend down who needs a hand.

NanaKaos said...

Sometimes no family help is best kind of help to have. They stand around and ask what can I do? when all they need to do is grab a damn box and move it. We usually end up doing our own, when we move this time it should be interesting, Daddy K won't be able to run off for a day at work. I wonder who will do the most. I bet I know. I can't stand to have boxes laying around. I always need to find a home for all my "stuff". NanaK

Jo Beaufoix said...

Congrats, you're in. Hope you get settled soon. :D