Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In which I whine. Just a little

So I know now why I felt like I needed a nap at work last night, when I don't, usually.
I'm sick.
Or I am getting sick.
I always seem to be the one that gets a summer cold. Not every summer, but when I am going to have a cold, it is almost always during the summer.
I am at that very early stage of just not feeling great. The stage where I am delusional enough to hope it is just my allergies, but knowing in my heart it isn't. That scratchy throat, mild headach-y stage. That lethargic "I don't wanna" stage. I hate this stage.
At least in the full blown "I feel like crap" stage, you can admit defeat, stay home, and moan on the couch under your blanket of soggy kleenex's. Instead of doing that, I am working. And I will be tomorrow night, too. And after that, glorious vacation. 3 weeks of it. (thats why I am getting sick.suuuucks).

In good, non whining news, the loan officer, and realtor called MM and myself today. It seems we were (fingers remaining crossed KNOCK on wood) blessed by the house fairy. Our loan was a "clean approval" meaning-
all our ducks were in a row, there were no red flags, the house is worth what we are paying for it, and they don't need our first born children (lucky MG)
and, the house should be ours by June 23. We are going Sunday for a final walk through, to sign the septic repair report (they fixed the whole thing, tree roots were the culprit). After that, the last hurdle. Mountains of paperwork to sign, more money to fork over, and then we are in. I am still cautioning myself to not get too excited until I have a set of keys in my hand, and I can delete the realtors name out of my cell phone.Then, look out.


Bubblewench said...

I hope you feel better soon and you don't stay sicky the whole time you are moving and getting your crap in order!


Daryl said...

Oh getting a summer cold sucks ... dont need to tell you to drink a ton of liquids ... and get REST!!!!!!!

I would bet the stress of buying the house is what brought it on .. seriously .. stress is always the culprit ...

And June 23 is an excellent day. It was my parents wedding anniversary ... and I believe in talisman/mens


Lori said...

I hope all the excitement of the house and vacation chases that cold away. I take it you're taking the vacation time to move? Or are you going some place? Like maybe Arizona? It's a great place to visit in June and July.

sybil law said...

HOORAY on the house front!
BOOOOO on the sick front.
I guess that's it for my extremes today.

mielikki said...

Syb- you are sooooo extreme

Lori- we were going to try to go camping and generalized summer mayhem, but now, well. Yeah. Moving, painting. Ect.
don't know when I am going to AZ again

Daryl- I believe in those, too! yay!

BW thanks!

holly said...

yaaaaay!!! i love new house stuff!!!

btw when i stay in the guest bedroom, don't make too much of a fuss over me, yeah?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yaaay. New house. So exciting. And congrats on being in David's shortlist. That always makes me smile. :D