Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


holly said...

that's just really cool. nice shot. it's the queen's eye, right?

mielikki said...

being as I don't know what the Queen's eye is, I'm going to have to say no. Its actually the bottom of a bowl on display at some store I was at.

sybil law said...

Very, very pretty!
What the eff is a queen's eye?!

mielikki said...

No clue. Holly will have to tell us

Bubblewench said...

very cool..

Holly? I want to know too!!!

holly said...

okay. i'm really sorry, but
and i really mean that with all the love and sincerity in my heart.

i meant the eye of queen elizabeth, the current queen of england.

yes, it's stupid. it is the wittiest thing i had at the moment.

i'm still giggling here.

CRAP! this was really my opportunity to make up some fabulous shit here! oh man! can i start over?

i'm not as knowledgeable as you lovely people think i am.

holly said...

eh eh em (clearing throat)

(post british accent==>) The Queen's Eye, the most cherished gem of all of Greenland, is coveted for its many healing and supernatural powers. Many say this is simply untrue, that there are no supernatural forces contained within the gemstone, but still others argue that indeed, the salvation of the earth may lie in the solving of the many clues the Queen's Eye provides. For starters, it is made entirely of light, but it may be touched. It can open all the doors on an entire block merely by being placed within the block's epicentre.
When the moon is full, shining the light on the Queen's Eye will give the bearer unimagined intelligence for the duration of 45 seconds. This is enough time to do a sudoku puzzle, but not enough to solve the current crisis in Iraq.
Under water, the Queen's Eye can cure hepatitis by running it between the toes of the infected party.
But perhaps the most amazing quality is that of longevity. Yes, anyone brave enough to swallow the Queen's Eye would be granted eternal life, unless the gem was later *expelled*. It must live in the appendix in order to give the eternal life. To date, the only people who have attempted the swallow have had their appendix removed, and thus failed to gain the eternal life.
Swallowing the Queen's Eye is an amazing feat in itself, as it is the size of a human fist.
For more information on the Queen's Eye, please refer to the appendix at the back of the internet.

mielikki said...


I knew I should have bought it when I saw it! But I have the picture, which I am now going to rename "Queen's Eye".
Priceless, Ms. Holly, priceless