Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day Past

When I was a kid, I loved this day. Everything about it.
It usually started a few days earlier, when my Mom would take me to the store for that cardboard box of Valentines. When I was a kid, there was usually only 4 kinds to choose from, maximum. I'd deliberate, looking at the bright shiny red packages, then choose my favorite. Once home, the list of classmates would come out. We did not have the rule that you had to give one to everyone, but I did, anyhow. Usually, I liked everyone in my class. Well, some of the boys were icky, but I'd make sure they got the "ugly" valentine in the box. You know the one I am talking about, the one that you really wouldn't ordinarily use?
Painstakingly, I would write them all out, trying to put the message just right. Then they would be ready. Those little envelopes of happiness.
On the day, we'd be in a high exitement, usually fueled by sugar and conversation hearts. Every year, it seemed we'd make those big, heart shaped things for people to walk by and put the Valentine's into. And when it was time to do it, everyone would rush around as fast as they could to distribute their valentines so that they could go back and read what they got. I was no exception. Then, opening all those little envelopes! And seeing who'd bought the same kind you did (there was always someone). Finding the ones you liked the best, and reading them again. Sorting them into secret piles of who was the best, who wasn't quite the best.
As I got older, of course all this stuff went away. The little Valentines, the heart shaped recepticles. I have to tell you, I still kind of miss them. Walking past them in the drug store, I always kind of take a peek over what they have. And remember Valentines Day's past.
But Valentine's day, as adults, is really nice, too!


holly said...

actually, i highly prefer the kid ones. i miss getting all those valentines. it was fun.

of course, these days i have somethin-somethin the end of a good valentine's day. which, obviously, i didn't get as a kid.

Celtic Rose said...

Valentines Day for me was always lonely and sad. Never liked it.

My Dad has always had the feet of a gypsy and I never went to one school for longer than 2 years. So needless to say, I was always the new kid and Valentines Day only reminded me of that.

Ahhh well, I survived. Plus I have a wonderful husband who never forgets Valentines Day.

Unfortunately, I am working tonight, so no sweets for me!

Daryl said...

I fell this way about Halloween.. really .. and I never got a kids valentine :( in fact I dont recall making them. Now I feel deprived ..

BTW .. if you need help with the Mac EVER email me and I am happy to help .. I am a bit of a geek when it comes to my Mac

mielikki said...

CR- just when I thought you'd fallen out of the blogscope. Next year, I will make you a Valentine

Daryl e- you didn't get to make or receive kids valentines?! That's it! Next year I am buying a box and I am going to send them out!
and yay! A Mac geek! I may well end up picking your brain if I get stuck. MM bought me a book that goes through a lot of things, "Mac OS X Leopard", by David Pogue.

sybil law said...

A day like mine, with 24 kindergarteners all runnign around batshit crazy might have cured your nostalgia!
Nah. Really - you're right. It was fun. But NOT fun for the teachers. Or maybe just grumpy me. Anyway, you already know about my headache!
Aww- poor Celtic Rose! Yes! Nice to see her back!Plus, she's so sweet, anything extra would just be overload!

Bubblewench said...

I used to LOVE those little flimsy valentines. I see them now and also wax nostalgic at how much fun they used to be.

Now, I just get big people cards. But that's ok too. They're cool.