Thursday, February 21, 2008

ouch! she got me yet again

The lovely, and talented Sybil has again stretched out her mighty hand and smite me with a MeMe. I am tired, and so shall comply without the whining. But I aren't tagging anyone. So there. ppppppppth.
But if you want to do it
find the nearest book. Go to pg. 123. Find the 5th sentence, and post the next three.

This is from Wit'ch Gate, a sci-fi ish series of books MM gave me for Christmas, by a local author named James Clemens

A whip cracked overhead, and the cart jolted forward, moving faster.
Off balance, Nee'lahn toppled into Kral's side. He caught her and gently righted her.

At least he didn't gently 'wrong' her.

Have a good day everyone


Daryl said...

Oh this is cool .. and could be funny .. depends on what one's reading .. I think I'll play ..

sybil law said...

You kinky biatch!
Yay! Good job...

mielikki said...

did you really expect anything less, Syb? :)

daryl e- I read yours, it was awesome

julie said...

I, for one, like being gently righted.

holly said...

i would settle for some gentle wronging. or righting. i'm not picky. it doesn't even need to be gentle!