Thursday, February 7, 2008

flinging the bling

See those blings? I gots them.

The first, oh so charming bling is from none other than Avery Gray. She worked her delicate fingers to the bone making not just one, but THREE blingy badges for those she deemed worthy. And I am truly honored to be a recepient of a Nerd award. This is the badge I liked best. So those of you that I gift it to are stuck with it. Or you can go to Avery Gray and claim another Nerdy award as your own. As to whom I choose to grace this lovely with, well, I am always going to foist new awards off on MM. Because I can. Besides, he (by his own account) is somewhat nerdy, and his blog is way cool.
I also think my new friend, Pale Fighter is really cool. He is working himself back into shape, physically, and chivalric wise. Go over there and give him some support, huh? Chivalry is not dead. Besides. I may run into him at a Ren Faire one day. That would be cool.
Since I seem to be leaning towards flinging this bling at all the male bloggers hanging out over there, lets foist this one off on Jef, too. His blog always makes me think. Oh, and David's squared, both David in DC,who is one of the first blogs I "found" on my own and have been really enjoying, and also, David over at authorblog who posts some of the most amazing photo's I've ever seen. And, fear not, Troy. Not only are you world famous, but you are way kewl. I would toss this to The Droid Whisperer, but he has been too busy lately to entertain us with bloggy stories.But I can fling it over at Daddy Kaos, my Uncle, illustrious father to CamiKaos and the forementioned Droid Whisperer.

Alright. And the second blingy love. I got that from Holly. Sigh. We all love Holly, right? She's so tough, remaining on the no chocolate train. And she posted an excellent cookie recipe. I made lots of friends at a Superbowl party with the Nutty Hollsters. (I added hazelnuts. YUM!).
Ahem. Okay. Now this one, it's harder to hand out. How about this. Since I gave the men the lovely Nerd award, I am going to give the love award to the women. So, all you girls over there in my sidebar, this one's for you. I love you all. Oh. And MM. Once again, because I can.
And, because tomorrow is his birthday, and he deserves to have bling flung at him for his birthday, right? Of course right.

Now, as just a general announcement. I am going to try something new this Saturday. Something I've worked on a bit here and there during the week. I call it "short story saturday". We will see how it works out. But I've enjoyed writing the first story, a lot.

Alright, you lot! Go out and fling some bling. I'm going to go see if I can pry the jello out of my legs.


Anonymous said...

Wow ... I've never been accused of making anyone think before. Mostly just angry.


sybil law said...

Haha - Jef up there.
Anyway, I am only seeing one blong. Is it just my computer?!
Oh and I want a print of that pic down there. It could be an art print on the walls for sure. I love seeing it!
Congrats on the bling!

holly said...

i'm seeing both blingae.

were we supposed to be thinking over at jef's? sorry! (oh i'm probably kidding...)

nicely flung, mie!

david at authorblog is totally awesome. what a great pick. i totally wish i'd done flung him some bling, so i'm glad you did it!

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday, MM!

MM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MM said...

Thanks Mie

Mimi- Thank you, I plan on having a great day and with any luck I'll be able to dodge the 3 meetings that I have scheduled today. WHOO-HOO!! Let the games begin.

Avery Gray said...

Glad you like your bling! ;o)

David in DC said...

Thank you.



Unknown said...

I love it! Thanks so much for thinking of me, Mie. I'm as nerdy as they come.