Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I broke Leonard!

I have, in my selection of people who help me, a Leonard. THE Leonard.
Leonard who knows it all. Leonard. My computer guru, who ALWAYS gets to the bottom of things.
The Mac?
It broke him.

Now. He did tell me he wasn't a Mac guy. But the Mac guy in his team is on vacation, and he felt he could easily come set me up to be free and easy. (Wireless, people, Wireless).

2.5 hours later, Leonard has admitted defeat, and left me to my Mac. Which isn't wireless. Or even set up for the internet.
I thought I was going to have to give him a shot of Rum, at least, to revive him.

And, to be fair. It's not the Mac that broke him. The Mac was doing it's best to be co-operative.

Technically, I think Comcast broke him. Because they have my internet set up somehow in this configuration that would not allow the router to get what it needed. Even when Leonard called India, TWICE (service rep for the router) they could not get it to work. Of course, the Indian people didn't help. The first lady he spoke to was very hapless, and the second guy? Lasted less than 10 minutes.

But Leonard gave it a valiant effort. I've never seen him defeated. But today? No joy.

Tomorrow, Comcast is coming out with THEIR wireless router and equipment. I remember the last time they came. There better NOT be any more holes put in my walls or anything.

We shall see, once again, if it is, indeed, Comcastic.

And Leonard? As he left, he said to me "My Mac friend will be home by this weekend. If you need to, CALL HIM!

Poor Leonard


david mcmahon said...

Gasp - you defeated Leonard? THE Leonard?

My name's Mac and not even I could defeat THE Leonard!

Anonymous said...

Hate to say I told you so ....

Hey to turn airport on do this ...

Lori said...

Huh, I always heard that Macs were easy, Vista on the other hand is a whole nother problem.

mielikki said...

It's really not the Mac causing the trouble here, it is actually the Comcast modem that was preventing us from getting the connection...

CamiKaos said...

sigh... poor poor leonard.

ps: love the what it's like to be mie

DaddyKaos said...

I have been to the places Leonard had to go, to India, Pakistan, even Mexico. With me its been Cocks (i mean cox but they do suck) and they are not comcastic either.

Daryl said...

UGH .. Mac does not like routers. Get thee an AirPort .. plug it in and let the Mac set itself up .. seriously .. we have Time Warner and all we did was plug the AirPort into T-W's modem and it worked perfectly .. we tried the router but the problem is the Comcasts and TW of this world are on static addresses and routers and MACs do not like one another .. sorry to go on about it but .. get an AirPort!!!!!!!

mielikki said...

daryl e
I will take any advice I can get! And it's funny, you are the second person now to tell me to get the airport. (maybe even the third). Something tells me I am going to get an AirPort.

holly said...

i'm *not* gonna say i'm sitting her smugly with my pc.

no *way*.

i don't *do* that.

not even as a joke. it's just not nice and i won't have it.


okay seriously i hope comcast sort themselves out. punch them for me as they go. they sound like they have a punch coming. AFTER they fix it. always always always always save the punching for AFTER the work is done.

Bubblewench said...

Comcast sucks. We had the same issue and we don't have a Mac. Took 3 comcast guys to come out and say "DUh, huh, what?" and leave not having anything fixed.

Finally Scott's Guru friend came over and after about 5 hours had us up and running.

If there was any other provider in our area, I'd be so far away from Comcast... they just suck. They like to make things difficult.