Sunday, February 10, 2008

guest post by Mustang Girl

Last night MM and I stayed at Mie's house. That was sure fun. They slept in her room and I slept on the hideaway bed. Mie's three cats kept running up and down the couch while I was trying to sleep and they would attack each other whenever they got the chance. To say the least I only got a few hours of sleep, but hey thats more than what I normally get.
EG is doing ok. She tried skateboarding on Tuesday. That was just plain funny. The second to last time she tried, she got on to fast and it slid out from under her. Thge only thing you could hear was her yelp and then a splat. We had run out of gas in my mom's rover, so she called our friend SG to come hang out with us while we waited for EG's dad. He went and got our other friend EB. They decided to go get their skateboards, and then you know the rest. And now EG bought her own skateboard on Friday.


CamiKaos said...

hi MG! Great to read your post, good job!

mielikki said...

Hi! Thank you

NanaKaos said...

I'm glad you posted MG, glad to hear from you.You did real good. I used to have a cat that slept on my chest. Cat hair in the nose tickles alot. Welcome, it can be a crazy family but we are really nice. Aunt NanaKaos

sybil law said...

Excellent post!
I used to love skateboarding. I miss it!
I wish it was warm enough here so I could even buy one and try it, too!
How dumb do you think I'd look at almost 37, riding around on a skateboard?!

MM said...

about the same as the Doctors at work who leave riding a skateboard.

I swear that they are just a little older than a fetus, does that mean that I'm getting older?

Lori said...

Well, hello! I have a daughter your age, she's tried skateboarding, but she doesn't do too well, either!

mielikki said...

Me again (Hi, MG!)
she did great, didn't she? And yes, my felines ran amok, exited to have her in the hideabed. They miss her today. They will look for her at bedtime, I am sure.